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All links will be no-follow according to Google/FTC guidelines on ALL sponsored post.

All advertising, product reviews and giveaway must fit rays of bliss’s Content and will be approved by Amber.

Check out the About Page to see you are a good fit.

Sidebar Advertising:
Ad Pricing Per Month (reduced rates available for 3 months+). Ad will run exactly 30 days from day of payment. Ad banner will be provided by you and will be linked to your site.
250×250 sidebar button ~ $45 per month
125 x 125 sidebar button ~ $25 per month
Additional sizes available.

Sponsored Social Media Packages:
4 Tweets on Twitter/Statuses on Facebook – $30
10 Tweets on Twitter/Statuses on Facebook – $75

Payments will made through Paypal before or within 24 hours of guest post being published. If not payed I will remove post until I receive payment.
Payments for social medias and ads must be made through Paypal before social media or ad is hosted.

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