Free Blogger Opp: Boba Carrier 4G Giveaway Event

boba giveaway event

Prize: Boba Carrier 4G

$128 Retail

Hosted by: rays of bliss

Sponsored by: Boba

Requirements: Must have 5000 Facebook Fans

Dates: Jan. 7th- Jan. 27th
You must promote 3x per week on Facebook & Twitter

Giveaway open to US Only

One free Twitter or Facebook link

*10,000 Facebook Fans 1 free extra link

Most Referrals gets Free Co-host Spot!!! So post the Announcement!


Co-Host $12, Extra Links $2 each, Email  $5

————–SIGN UP HERE—————


  1. I have 4800 FB fans on the (mostly giveaways) blog that I think this would do best . . . If I agree to share it a couple of times on my other (more personal/crafty) blog that has 5,600 FB fans can I participate?

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