bumGenius Elemental One-Size Cloth Diaper Giveaway! 3rd Annual Green Resolutions Giveaway Hop!

Green Resolutions Giveaway

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Green Resolutions Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering and the Green Moms Network! Each of the participating blogs is offering a prize package to help you start your New Year on a green foot, so you can stick to your resolutions! After entering my giveaway, be sure to hop around and enter all of the other giveaways listed on the linky at the bottom of this post!

What better way to start being green this year then by using  Cloth Diapers!  Last year I personally made the switch to Cloth Diapers and couldn’t be happier with my choice! I would be so happy to help one of you make the switch too! I am giving one lucky reader a brand new Bumgenius Elemental Organic Cloth Diaper All in One ALBERT PRINT!  This is an awesome diaper and will be a great way to start your cloth diaper stash!

Bumgenius Elemental Organic Cloth Diaper All in One ALBERT PRINT


  • Absorbent layer integrated into the waterproof outer layer
  • One step cloth diaper – no stuffing!
  • Now also available in snap closures! Two rows of snaps ensure a trim, bumGenius fit everytime!
  • Ultra-absorbent, certified organic cotton inner.
  • Gentle leg elastic contains the mess!


Enter to Win 1 Bumgenius Elemental Organic Cloth Diaper All in One ALBERT PRINT

This giveaway is open to US residents, 18+ only.

The giveaway will end at 11:59 pm CST on 1/30.

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  1. We plan on being more green by curbing our water use and buying less things we don’t actually need!

  2. Emilie Proctor says:

    I plan on cloth diapering this year and using mama cloths.

  3. abedabun dawn says:

    How do you plan on being more GREEN in 2014? I will use more cloth diapers. I am also playing around trying to make a solar energy stove which I hope to actually cook in this summer.

  4. Jennifer (robbins) A. says:

    I plan on being more green in 2014 by making sure to keep our thermostat lower in the winter, and higher in the summer. I also plan on trying to be more careful about switching lights off in rooms, when not in use.

  5. my husband and i are making an effort recycle more

  6. I plan on cloth diapering my baby due this year, and I also want to get rid of paper products in our home- like paper towels, paper plates, etc. Instead, we’ll use more reusable products.

  7. Miranda Welle says:

    My big “green” goal is to cloth diaper! Our son is 18 months and I started just before the year started. Previously, (with our 3rd child), I never made it past one diaper change. Going on 3+ weeks and LOVING it this time! The only problem is I only have a 1 day supply of diapers so far! LOL. So I am doing a lot of washing so I don’t run out. 🙂

  8. I useglass water bottles, use Rubbermaid or other storage containers instead of plastic wrap.

  9. Marcia Lee says:

    I want to grow herbs & make my own herbal recipes for health & wellness.

  10. i plan to be MORE green in 2014 by recycling!!! i was just reading another blog on this and got motivated.

  11. savannah logan says:

    Trying to cloth diaper full time!

  12. I want to switch to cloth napkins!

  13. I have been toying with the idea of composting for a long time and the plan is to actually get compost going when the ground thaws enough for me to get out there and do it ^_^

  14. We plan on having a “Yarden Garden” 😉

  15. kortney Picker says:

    I would like to try to use cloth diapers on my baby that will be born in February! I used disposable diapers on my first daughter so this would definitely be a green change for us!

  16. Alexa Cohen says:

    recycle more

  17. Tracy Gordon says:

    Start using reusable sandwich and snack bags, cloth napkins, cloth paper towels. We ale artsy cloth diaper and use cloth wipes.

  18. Carissa Joslyn says:

    Trying to produce less trash & I want to start using family cloth (I’m single with kids, so wouldn’t have to share with a guy..lol) we already use cloth diaperse & wipes. i have 2 cloth pads & a luna cup.

  19. Larissa V says:

    we are switching over to cloth wipes instead of baby wipes

  20. I plan on making my own paper towels to be more green

  21. Ashley Despain says:

    I am slowly switching to cloth wipes and will be using mama cloth after the new baby arrives.

  22. I would love to compost more and switch to mama cloth and/or a cup.

  23. One Southern Girl says:

    Hoping to try and use unpaper towels this year and hang out more clothes on the clothesline!

  24. Sarah Hayes says:

    I want to use my unpaper towels more

  25. Danielle D says:

    I want to replace feminine products to a more green option.

  26. Melissa C. says:

    I will use fewer napkins and paper towels

  27. I hope to get more reusable bags for my groceries this year.

  28. We plan on using cloth diapers instead of disposables when our baby arrives.

  29. Taking shorter showers

  30. Johnny Miller says:

    We plan on being more green by recycling more. And, decreasing our usage of household paper products.

  31. Michelle H says:

    Our fifth baby is due in May. We plan on keeping him in cloth diapers full-time. I’d also like to switch to mama cloth when he is born.

  32. I want to start using more reusable bags when I visit the grocery store. We pitch A LOT of plastic bags.

  33. I had this exact diaper on my shower registry, and then the baby to-get-sometime list, never got it! It’s very cute.

  34. I don’t think we could possibly go more green than we do! But we will continue to purchase secondhand, reuse what we can rather than buying something new, and compost our kitchen waste!

  35. I plan on using postpartum mama cloth at least part time after Baby #2 comes.

  36. We plan on using cloth diapers and wipes with our next child!

  37. by use cloth diaper and cloth wipes for my baby and eco freindly cleaning stuff

  38. I am going to have an organic vegetable garden this year.

  39. By cding both our kids!

  40. I’d like to start using essential oils for health and and cleaning.

  41. Stephanie says:

    I want to make more of my own health and beauty care products

  42. Jennifer Nutter says:

    by cloth diapering

  43. Switching over to cloth diapers!

  44. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    I plan to continue cloth diapering and start using cloth wipes. 🙂

  45. Turning the lights off, using less plastic bags, and recycling. Always looking for more ideas.

  46. Kera Adams says:

    Making my own products

  47. Shalaina S says:

    I’m thinking about investing in reusable paper towels. And try some non-toxic cleaning products.

  48. We’re trying to make a lot of our own food from scratch, this saves on containers and some shipping costs. Homemade breads, muffins, applesauce, etc.

  49. We’re going green by using rags instead of paper towels, family cloth, etc.

  50. Jessica W. says:

    Making my own soap and other household products.

  51. CD & cloth wipes, green cleaning products, buy 2nd hand & recycle as much as possible!

  52. Taylor Schell says:

    I would like to use a lot more cloth in my kitchen and for cleaning in general instead of using paper towels. I also plan to switch to cloth wipes very soon

  53. jess fritzges says:

    I plan to save all the water bottles I can find. There are 3 projects we want to do right now.

  54. use cloth napkins that can be rewashed

  55. We plan to continue using cloth diapers and be more judicious with our purchases and gift giving. We have too much stuff that we don’t use – we don’t need more!

  56. Liberty Thompson says:

    We are trying to be more green this year by lowering our thermostat and learning to live with it being a few degrees colder in the house. It saves us money and certainly helps the planet.

  57. Shannon s. says:

    We are going green by converting to cloth diapers at 20 months old

  58. Stephanie F. says:

    Planting a garden and growing our own food!

  59. continuing on with cloth diapers for my newly born baby #2, and getting toddler #1 fully potty trained!

  60. Baby comes in August so we’re hoarding cloth diapers!

  61. Hannah Avery says:

    Keep using cloth diapers. Maybe use more natural skin care

  62. Recycling more, composting in the garden, making our beauty care products!

  63. We plan on being more green by using cloth diapers and looking into reusable wipes!

  64. Elizabeth Crabtree says:

    I am due in April with our second child and I want to cloth diaper more. With my first child I could only cd about 40% of the time because we couldn’t afford to buy a large stash of diapers. I am going to try and win some diapers so we can cd exclusively, this time ’round.

  65. We are using cloth diapers on our newborn and I switched to mama cloth post partum

  66. I plan on using reusable towels instead of paper towels.

  67. Using Cloth diaper and wipes with my newborn due in April ;=)

  68. Kate O'Brien says:

    I want to start using mama cloth instead of disposable products.

  69. we plan on being more green by recycling and using Eco friendly clean products

  70. I plan on eating less processed food and really working on recycling.

  71. I am trying to be more aware of the plastics we use in the bathroom….and recycling as many as possible. Thank you!

  72. We are planning to use cloth diapers with our baby due in April… this will be a first for us since we used disposable with our older 2 children.

  73. I plan to use less plastic this year!

  74. By using cloth diapers, we are trying to concieve our thirdd baby now!

  75. Gabrielle Dennison says:

    I plan on still using cloth. Buy from local suppliers. If bf and I get a new place with a washing machine we will use unpaper towels and mama cloth. And plant a garden

  76. By cloth diapering our new baby

  77. littleelf says:

    I plan on being more green by using cloth diapers.

  78. Kassi Peerman says:

    We will be cloth diapering instead of disposables

  79. Elle Knitts says:

    my family is already pretty green. what we are now incorporating into our green-scheme is building our second compost.

  80. Gabrielle Dennison says:

    Mamma cloth, unpaper towels, use reuseable bags.

  81. This year….I’ve bought a separate bin for recycling. Banned disposable water bottles and switched to tap water filtering. No more shopping for things we do not need. And for my more recent…i started building my cloth diaper stash for my future baby. 🙂

  82. Cloth diapering, mama cloth, reusable paper towels, recycling, and composting are all on out to-do list this year.

  83. I want to get enough diapers to be able to cloth diaper full-time rather than part-time. I’m also in the process of making lots of cloth wipes so we can ditch the disposable kind.

  84. With baby coming in 2014, I’m hoping to be more green by using cloth-diapers full-time!

  85. Shaylene Marie Wilson says:

    I do! Between cloth diapering and making my own baby food and recycling/upsycling, I am always on the look out for other ways.

  86. We will have a vegetable and fruit garden. May begin using mama cloth. Recycle more, and do reusable products.

  87. Raina Hood says:

    Cloth diapering and free cycling!

  88. I plan on being more green by making more stuff from scratch and reducing my garbage!

  89. Natasha Harris says:

    We are slowly switching our two year old to cloth diapers and plan to continue using them with our newborn due in September.

  90. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I want to become more green in 2014 by walking rather than using a car to run errands!

  91. We are planning to continue on cloth diapering especially since baby #3 will be joining our family in April and we will have 2 in cloth full time and 1 at nights and naps. We will also be composting and growing some veggies.

  92. Bethany cannon says:

    we plan to cloth diaper our new baby this year and bring our own bags to the grocery store!

  93. We plan on cloth diapering our baby, due in July

  94. I’m going to give “greener” gifts!

  95. kathy pease says:

    I am trying to cut down on electricity and water usage and I recycle

  96. I am recycling more than ever and buying green cleaning products!

  97. Tanya White says:

    Well we are conserving electric and gas. We also switched all of our light bulbs to energy bulbs and we now have a hot water tank and a washer that are both energy savers.

  98. I plan on using cloth diapers

  99. I plan on using cloth diapers!

  100. Lily Kwan says:

    I will try to recycle more.

  101. sharon fuller says:

    I will be cloth diapering to be more green! I’m just getting starting and I love it. I can’t wait to get more diapers so I won’t have to wash them everyday.

  102. Kathryn Scade says:

    I will be exclusively cloth diapering! No more disposables!

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