Cloth Diapers: What I Personally Use

SONY DSCYou can ask 100 Mama’s who use cloth diapers what they use and you would get 100 different answers.  There are so many options and varieties available to you, the options for your cloth diaper stash are endless.

I am simply sharing what I use and works for my family. By no means am I suggesting this is the best way or the only way to do it. You will have to see what best fits your lifestyle and preferences.

My Cloth Diaper Collection:

We use the GroVia One-Size diapers, which consist of a shell and a snap in absorbent soaker insert. I have a mixture of the hook and loop and the snap closures. They are Super Easy and Super Cute!

At night we use bumGenius 4.0 one-size Cloth Diapers with a HempBabies liner for extra absorbency, and put a Ecoposh wool diaper cover over that.


SONY DSCIn every diaper we put a flushable GroVia Biodegradable Diaper Liner, this helps contain the solids and from getting all over your cloth diapers.

We are using the GroVia perfect diaper pail. I like it because you can hang it anywhere (I use a command hook) and it is working so far at keeping those smells at bay.


We already had the Diaper Genie from our older boys. I’m using that to throw the Biodegradable Diaper Liners away. I figured if you can throw dirty diapers away in the Diaper Genie; why not use it to throw away dirty liners.  The only thing is you have to push the liners down into the Diaper Genie; I use the wipe that I used to push down with.  One perk of using this is not walking to the restroom to flush the liner.  I’m not sure if this will work for older babies (I will keep you posted of course) but it’s working for my 1 month old’s soiled diapers. I may get a diaper sprayer when he’s older if needed.

SONY DSCWe opted to use cloth wipes because my son’s tush seemed sensitive to the disposable wipes. After researching cloth wipes majority said it was actually easier than using disposable wipes, and I have to agree it is! Mainly because you don’t have to worry about your natural response of putting dirty wipe inside your dirty diaper.

My cloth wipes consist of 12 GroVia cloth wipes, the 4 Prince Lionheart wipes that came with my warmer, and 18 cheap babies wash cloths from Wal-Mart.  They all do the job well, but I guess I prefer the GroVia because they are thicker.  If you are on a budget or don’t want to spend much, I would say just go with the cheap baby wash cloths. If you want to splurge on a thicker wipe then go with the GroVia cloth wipes.

SONY DSCWe use the Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer to hold our cloth wipes. I like it better than the other warmers out there because it came with an Antimicrobial Microspore Pillow to keep the wipes fresh and moist.  I highly recommend using a warmer if using cloth wipes.  My baby is so much happier during diaper changes, it’s actually better at cleaning up the poo, and BONUS warm wipes almost completely eliminate baby boys peeing on you or anything else within his shot!

To check out my cloth wipes solution recipe:  click here

We do use disposable diapers if we are going to be out for a long time, and when I have a babysitter uncomfortable with using cloth diapers (MY MOM!). But when I do, I want to use something as organic and natural as possible. That’s why I’m using the Honest Company’s diapers.  Not only are they a more natural option but they are Super Cute. They have a ton of adorable patterns to pick from.   They offer a trial program, but it’s intended for people who use disposable diapers only. I personally only order a pack of diapers as needed.


My personal favorite is the Comic Book pattern.



 Please Share Your Personal Cloth Diaper Collection, or your favorite cloth diaper Products!



  1. thanks for sharing, its nice to see someone elses collection to get an idea of what to get/expect!

  2. Just a little input,I have been cloth diapering for over a year now,I use a mixture of grovia shells with inserts/doublers and Ososcozy prefolds.My grovia hybrids are still holding up great,,,my favorite is the snaps as a couple of my Velcro shells have lost some “stick” overtime even with hang drying every wash,but they still do the job.I also love using my prefold cloths either trifolded in a cover or with a snappi in a cover.My collection also includes a few Desana wool covers that work great at night time over our double prefold.I also use grovia bio liners(that we flush)and they really help with containing the poo, tho they don’t hold everything every time put that’s ok,,I also have found the diaper sprayer to be such a genius thing to have for the poopy diapers its so easy just to spray it off in the toilet then throw in the diaper pail,way better then swooshing it around in the toilet like I did for a short while! I love cloth diapering and I’m happy you are putting the good word out there 🙂 —proud cloth diaper mama

  3. It is great that mothers have so many options to choose from today.

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