DIY LEGO NINJAGO PARTY with Free Printables

My son’s 7th birthday party was so much fun! We had it at a martial arts academy and the kids got to be ninjas for 2 hours and bonus they kept the kids entertained the entire time! I had several DIY crafts for this party! I really loved how this party turned out and all the guest loved the food and decorations!

I made so many things I will be posting as a series to share all the projects I did! But here is list of everything I will be sharing!

DIY Party List:

  • invitations
  • party signs
  • 3 large lego blocks for decoration
  • favor bags
  • lego block soap (for favor bags)
  • lego minifigure crayons (for favor bags)
  • easy ninja headband
  • rice crispy sushi treats
  • serpent veggie snake
  • Gluten Free Cookie Cake


Lego Ninjago Invitations:

I  made this invite to print 2 per page ( I use greeting card/ card stock paper). I have photoshop so I added different ninja fonts to the invite but you can add text by using the free version of PicMonkey and use the Shojumaru Font.


ninjago invite EXAMPLE




Save picture as jpg or pdf file and open in a editor program to add text.


Lego Ninjago Party Signs:

I made 4 of these party signs. I printed them on card stock paper, then cut and hot glued onto a skewer (toothpicks work too). I like to use balloon weights to stick the signs in to. You can add helium balloons if you want. I did not this time.

I used PicMonkey to make the signs. You will select: Design- square. Add your Shojumaru Font. You can do one with Age and one with “Happy Birthday NAME”.  I also selected the Frame on the sidebar to add add a simple edge. I did 20 thickness black and a 15 thickness red for the frame.

Lego Ninjago Party Signs

Large Lego Blocks Decorations: 

You will need rectangle boxes, solid colored wrapping paper, toilet paper or paper towel rolls, scissors, tape and glue or hot glue gun.

Wrap rectangle box in colored wrapping paper. I wanted to use 3 different colors but Dollar General only had Yellow. I think it still looked awesome! I used tissue paper boxes but Capri Sun boxes work great too.

Cut your paper towel roll to be about 2-2 1/2 inches high. I only did 3 boxes so I needed 10 of these. 6 for top and 2 each for bottom boxes.

Wrap the 2 inch pieces as best as you can. You can fold wrapping paper in side the tubes bottom edge, that seemed to help some. Mine were not perfect circles, but it still looked great!

You will then attach 2 inch pieces to boxes. I used a hot glue gun and it worked great because none of my top pieces came off.

I did not measure when I glued them down I just eyed it to make it even. If you are a crazy perfectionist then measure away and make those legos perfect!

Lego Blocks Party Decoration


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  1. Lindsay Lester says:

    I love this thanks!

  2. I am having a Ninjago party for my son. But when I click on the invitation I cannot save it as a jpg, it is an html file. How do I download it?

  3. Rachael says:

    I love these ideas. I was also unable to save the picture file as a jpeg.

  4. Amber Ludwig says:

    So fun!! I love your lego block decorations!! Have you seen the lego candies people have been making?!?! So crazy!! What a fun party!!

  5. says:

    Thank you very much for sharing the invitation.
    Saludos from Spain

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