DIY ~ Wall Decor made from Pallet

DIY ~ Wall Decor made from Pallet

I am redecorating my guestroom and I found out decorations can cost way too much. I decided to get crafty and make some!

You can make cute wall decor out of spare wood laying around and/or pallets.

DIY ~ Wall Decor made from Pallet

I cut the wood to the size I wanted, arranged and nailed, paint/stain, then painted them to look distressed and last I added a cross from hobby lobby for $4.

The distressed look is easy to do:

1. Sand small areas you want to stand out.

2. Paint those spots and let dry. (I used a teal color to match the cross)

3. Rub with paraffin wax ( crafty candle wax at hobby lobby for $3 comes with 3 squares plenty for extra projects) on the areas so the top coat will come off and the under color will show.

4. After that run a piece of Sand paper over the wood so the under paint will show.

That’s it! Now you have a cheap, easy and pretty wall decor!

Wall Decor made from Pallet

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  1. Amber Ludwig says:

    This turned out so pretty!! Its crazy how much people charge for decor these days!! I love the idea about personalizing and saving money by doing it on your own!

  2. That is cute! wow this brings back memories when younger used to create things from crates and pallets. I used to paint on wood and then put a sepia finish on it. I’d like to try this!

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