Tips for Eco-friendly Parenting

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Tips for Eco-friendly Parenting

Providing a safe and healthy environment for my children is the main reason I made the decision to live a green lifestyle.  For me personally, I started to second think every purchase I made because of my children.  My standards for products and food raised once I factored my child would be exposed to it. When I started this lifestyle I was overwhelmed with all the changes I needed to make and I relied on information from the internet and resources like Earth911, they have been a trusted source of eco-friendly news and information for 20 years. 

One of the best tips I can give anyone wanting to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle is to utilize responsible and eco-conscious businesses, like Earth911’s YouChange™ marketplace.  YouChange™ marketplace has done the hard work for you by vetting the most sustainable products for your everyday living. 

You can confidently purchase products for your home and family from YouChange™ marketplace because their team team carefully selects products from companies providing the most eco-friendly products available from baby to household items to clothing and everything in-between.  They really want to help you live a more environmentally responsible life.

If you desire to become a green parent finding a reliable place to purchase your products is a great start but you will also need to start making healthy choices involving food, diapers, toys, soaps, cleaning supplies used and more . I provided a few tips for eco-friendly parenting and I suggest to tackle one area at a time and go at your own pace. 

A few tips are specific to babies but remember it is never to late to make changes to benefit your child and home.

  1. Shopping from reliable and trusted stores–   By shopping at a trusted and eco-conscious stores, like YouChange,  you will easily find eco-friendly products to support your green lifestyle.
  2. Eco-friendly Diapering– You can make a huge impact on the environment by opting for cloth diapers or disposable diapers made from natural and eco-friendly materials.   Reduces your baby’s exposure to chemicals found in traditional disposable diapers by opting for modern and easy to use cloth diapers.
  3. Bath & Skin Care– Remember what you put on your body goes into your body.  Choose products made with natural and organic ingredients.  
  4. Healthy Diet- Choose certified organic and non-GMO foods. You can greatly reduce your child’s exposure to pestisides by selecting organic foods.  If you have a a little one you can consider making homemade baby food from organic produce to save money.  
  5. Toxic-free Tableware-  Eliminate unsafe plastics from your feeding supplies in your kitchen.  Choose bpa-free plastics, glass or stainless steel safe bottles, sippy cups, plates and utensils for your child to eat with.
  6. Safe & Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies– Replace cleaning products with eco-friendly and non-toxic options or make your own. 


By making these changes you will be providing a healthier and less toxic environment for your children and at the same time doing good for the Earth!   The small changes you make will make a big difference.  You have the power to create real world change one purchase decision at a time, and YouChange has made it easier for you to do so. 


Earth911’s YouChange™ goal is to promote sustainable and ethical consumption, making it easy for consumers to ‘vote’ with their dollars.

Learn more about Earth911 and YouChange HERE.


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  1. I never think about tableware when thinking healthier. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  2. we also try to be as eco friendly as possible

  3. I’ve never heard of Earth911, but I will go check them out as I’m always looking for ways to decrease my families footprint.

  4. I always look for recycled or sustainable materials. Thanks for the great article.

  5. I have been living as green a life as is practical for me. Luckily there is just me to worry about. I definitely will be going to this site to see what they have on offer.

  6. Thank you for all the great ideas!

  7. Right on! This is to cool and much needed not to share. We all need to think like this.

  8. Sometimes I get overwhelmed at the thought of change, but then I remind myself it doesn’t have to all be done at once. Do a little at a time and we’ll get there.

  9. These are awesome ideas indeed to teach our kids to be more eco friendly as well as be healthier. I was shocked to find out about the plastics giving off hormones and toxins years ago. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I am considering switching to cloth diapers to be eco friendly.

  11. Thanks for the Earth911 recommendation! They’ve got a lot of great resources on their site. I’d love for you to check out our organic, eco-friendly site and either do a review or give us feedback. I’ve really enjoyed your blogs! 🙂

  12. Adopting kids is the ultimate in being eco-friendly!

  13. Amber Ludwig says:

    These are such great tips!! I am trying my hardest to be a good eco example to my son. If we don’t do something there wont be much of a world left for their children!!

  14. I cannot thank you more for such an informative article. It not only helps the parents to foster their children in a healthy and responsible manner but also helps them to bring up individuals who are more careful about the environment.

    Thanks for such a nice post.

  15. Awesome tips! These are definitely actions that I want to take into practice, thank you for sharing!
    I’m pinning this to my pinterest board to share with my friends!

  16. Hey Amber! Thanks for your post. I also am the same now (though I never used to be!) Every dollar is like vote in this world for the way we want it to be. Fair trade, certified organic by the ACO or USDA are positive steps we can take to make the world fairer and better.

    I remember the days when I used to eat dairy, drink alcohol and really not give a damn. Now I’m a meditating vegan who doesn’t drink at all! How things can change, and I think it’s important to remember that although not everyone will change – some WILL! Yay! Thankyou.

  17. I think it is equally important to teach our children to practice good eco friendly habits for their future.

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