How to Shop for Organic Products


Grocery shopping for truly organic & natural products can be difficult.  Company’s try to disguise products as better for you by marketing items as “dermatologist-tested,” “gentle” and “natural”, but these products may be no better.  The only way to really know for sure if a product is truly organic is by reading the ingredients, but there are tricks to help scan the aisles for your green merchandise.  There are particular things I look for and certain things I avoid when shopping, and now I can spot Green products like it’s my sixth sense!

Helpful Green Shopping Guide

Keywords to Look For

•USDA Certified Organic


•Paraben Free

•Fragrance Free

•100% toxic Fre

•Certified Vegan

•Cruelty Free

What to Avoid

•Misleading and incomplete labeling of ingredients

•Claims like “dermatologist-tested,” “gentle” and “natural”

•Product has label warnings

*Good rule I use is the fewer ingredients the better, and I can read and am familiar with the ingredients listed. 

Look up your products’ safety ratings:

Cosmetics and personal care products:

Household cleaners:

Tips for safer products:

Please share your tips for shopping for Organic & Natural Products.

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