Ideas for Easy Valentine’s Day Box

Easy Ideas for Valentine's Day Box from rays of bliss

I made some easy Valentine’s Day Boxes for my boys this year. I was searching for some ideas and I discovered many Valentine’s Day boxes look very difficult to make! I like EASY! I decided to just use free printables and enhance them!

Use large images or desktop computer wallpaper of your favorite character:

I just printed off some images of Minions from Despicable me. Print, Cut, Glue!

Despicable Me Minions Valentine's Day Box

  1. Wrap your box in wrapping paper.
  2. Cut slot on the top.
  3. Print out a few large images, cut out, and glue onto your box.
  4. If you want to add a heart. Be sure to cut off the minions thumb and then glue on top of the heart. This makes it look like he’s holding it.
  5. I added a cut up toilet paper roll tube wrapped in foil for the goggles.


Here is a list of Free Despicable Me Minions Valentines:


Use Free Printable Face Mask:

There are a ton of free printable mask and you can use for your Valentine’s Day Box! I made a fox box  for my “Fox Song” Loving son!

  1. Wrap box in construction paper,you can use gift wrap if you prefer.
  2. Cut slot out on the top. 
  3. Print this free printable fox mask, from Bambinis.
  4. Use this body holding a sign. Here’s the Free Printable:
  5.  Cut and glue. 
  6. Draw in eyes on the mask. I also suggest leaving that white section under the nose. Just cut straight across to connect the mouth.

I think it turned out pretty cute and most importantly my son loved it! He will also be handing out  What Does the Fox Say Valentine’s Day Cards! Free Printable Here. 



If you don’t want to do a fox, here are few other links toother mask you may wnat to use for your box:


  There you go an Easy-Peasy Valentine’s Day Box! 

Valentine's Day Ideas from rays of bliss

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  1. These are such cute ideas. I am going to try this with my grandkids

  2. dawn rader says:

    these are cute! my little nieces and nephewss would love to do these!

  3. I love these and thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Amber Ludwig says:

    Love the minion box! So super cute!

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