I’m Learning to Sew & Quilt! Lesson 1: Supplies & Saving Money

My sewing machine and table

My husband’s Nanny has been so kind to agree to teach me to sew & quilt! I have been going to her house almost every week since Thanksgiving.  I have purchased a really nice sewing machine, table and most of the supplies needed! Boy, this hobby can get expensive! My sister also started sewing too! Her mother in law had an old sewing machine she gave her.

OK, my first lesson wasn’t really that much of a lesson. She went over all the tools/ supplies I would need. She also informed me that being a serious quilter can be pricey, but there are ways to save.

Beginner Quilters ~ Supplies Needed: (Using Amazon Affiliate Links to show you item; I suggest you buy them at your local sewing/craft store when they are on sale or with coupons.)


How to Save Money on Sewing Supplies ~ For Beginners

Ways to save Money:

  • Sign up for email, text updates and mailing list from Jo-ann’s, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and any other sewing/craft store you would shop at. All 3 have Mobil Apps which makes using there digital coupons super easy!
  • Do not buy all your supplies at once. Wait for them to go on sale or when you can use your 40% or 50% off 1 item coupon.
  • Know your sales. If you are in need for certain supply then read your sale ads. Only buy items on SALE days.
  • Use all your Coupons. Use your mailed coupon with your email/mobil app coupon so you can get more then 1 item at a discount.
  • Buy Fabrics when they are on sale. For example, you will always need a good white fabric. If you see one for cheap, buy a lot! This will help build your Fabric Stash!
  • This one is from my Dad (he is a Hobby Thrifter) he found materials at the thrift store! I told him anything that looked in good shape to go for it! Even if it’s ugly I can use it in a scrappy quilt.
  • You will have to try and resist buying ever fabric you fall in love with! This will be very hard. Only buy fabrics for your current project or if they are on sale.

Sewing Humor

I went to Joann’s during their Black Friday sale, along with my 50% coupon for a regularly priced item:

Sewing Supples

I got most of my sewing necessitates for $71.00! I saved about 40% on everything. I am still stocking up on items I need, like rulers and fabrics.

I have made several quilt squares and currently working on on a twin size quilt! My first finished sewing project was a super easy half apron. You know, I got the fabric for 50%!


What are must have supplies you would Add to this list? or How do you save money for sewing/quilting?


Disclosure: Post contains Affiliate links. Vintage Sewing Machine Image was downloaded from Public Domain Pictures.





  1. cute apron! I would love to be able to sew!

  2. My MIL is my go to for all things sewing! She’s a quilter as well and has helped me so much! My must haves are a chalk roller for marking on fabric and a magnetic pin “cushion.” I always keep extra bobbins on hand, as well as extra needles. If you ever do zippers, get a zipper foot! Good luck with your sewing projects!

  3. Jereena says:

    Sewing/quilting really is an expensive hobby. Its extremely hard to resist buying cute fabrics.Every little thing adds up to a whopping amount. Quilting keeps me sane though/

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