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Chuckle Farms ~ Kids Gardening

Want to get your kids really excited about a project and teach them about nature? Ask them if they want to help you plant something! My boys were jumping with joy when I asked if they wanted to help me plant a sunflower; I have never seen my boys so excited to work on something with me.  It was so easy too because Chuckle Farm offers Kids Gardening Kits, which include gardens in a bag with everything you need to plant your little garden at home and indoors! You and your child can enjoy your new garden rain or shine!

About Chuckle Farm :

Chuckle Farm’s modern ceramic planters & garden accessories are designed to complement the sculptural splendor of plants, nature’s living art. Their mission is to provide a worthy vessel. To elicit a smile. And to share the joy of living with nature on an intimate scale. 

I had the chance to try 2 of Chuckle Farm’s products: Kids Garden Kit, Sunflower and Fairytale Kit, Jack’s Magic Bean

Fairytale Kit, Jack's Magic Bean

We planted our Sunflower about a week ago so we are still waiting to see the sprouts but it should be any day now! We will be planting the Fairytale Kit, Jack’s Magic Bean at my parents house because it needs to be outside with a tall pole.

​Kids Garden Kit, Sunflower

The Kids Garden Kit, Sunflower is a great way to introduce your child to gardening because they are easy to grow and grow quickly! We had so much fun planting our sunflower seeds and it was so simple. The only supplies you have to provide are the crayons and the water!

The instructions were very easy to follow and my boys loved it and now they wake up every morning checking on it and watering it! They actually cleared off their dresser so they can have their Sunflower in their room right by their beds! I told my son it takes 10 days according the bag to grow so he is counting down every day. He tells me, “Mom only 2 more days till our sunflower grows!”  I had no idea they would be this excited over this garden in a bag! Also, they can’t wait to plant their bean stalk at Grandma and Paw-Paw’s!

Kids Garden Kit, Sunflower - Steps


We have really enjoyed the Chuckle Farm gardening products and I know I will be trying the other 2 Kids Garden in a Bag Kits: Strawberries and Tomatos! This really is a fun way for kids to learn about nature and experience gardening! I love that anyone can do this and anywhere! I think this would be a great gift for any child for any occasion!

You can purchase all the Kids Gardening Kits at Chuckle Farms website. The Garden in a Bag Kits retail for $14 and the Fairytale Kits retail for $11.

Kids Garden Kit, Sunflower | Garden KitFairytale Garden Kit, Jack's Magic Bean

Be sure to check out all their awesome Gardening Products, not just for kids! They offer modern ceramic plantersgarden accessories,terrariums, and herb garden kits!

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I received the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. Melissa E says:

    This looks so cute and educational! I remember finding a mushroom growing kit a while back too. There’s endless projects you can do with your kits. I’m glad I won’t run out!

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