Never Lose a Baby Mitten Again!

guavakids review

I was provided free product from guava kids to facilitate this review. This in no way effected my opinion. All opinions are 100% my own.

Before I had my third son in March I was on the hunt for a baby mitten that would not come off my babies hands and be lost in “who knows where land” (the same place all the lost socks go)! Anyways, I was determined to find a better mitten for baby boy #3.

Also, my family had also made a switch to buying natural and Eco-friendly products just a few years ago. This was part of the criteria for any new baby product I was buying.

guava kids was exactly what I needed!

The first thing that initially brought me too guavamitts was the fact that they are made from 70% bamboo*, 30% organic cotton (*viscose from bamboo), but I was really won over by their genius design! These baby mittens are adjustable and reversible!  They have elastic on one side and adjustable velcro on the other so they are going to stay on and protect your little ones precious face!

I purchased the guavamitts 2 pack before I had my son in March. I actually used them at the hospital and brought him home in them. Guess what, I still own the same 2 pair of mittens 5 months later! I love these mittens! They are adorable and the adjustable feature is just great! When doing laundry I use the Velcro to connect the the matching pairs together so I’m not searching for the pair.


Things I didn’t realize about guavamitts.

I didn’t realize when I purchased guavamitts that they had antimicrobial properties and environmental sustainability, but I was very pleased to have found out! This made me that much happier about my purchase and even more excited to share them with my family and friends!

Bamboo has a natural property called kun that kills up to 70% of any bacteria attempting to incubate on the fabric. additionally, its natural antifungal properties and ability to wick water 3-4x better than cotton fabric help prevent skin rash. environmental sustainability – 100% biodegradable bamboo production and harvest imposes zero pollution to the environment.

I liked the designs offered and thought they were really cute and modern but I did not realize they were actually designed to promote infant brain & eye development! I know you are thinking. “Wow, these mittens are just amazing!” Well, yes they are!

Research has shown that high-contrast graphics promote infant brain & eye development.  with hand discovery occurring between 1 and 3 months of age, guavamitts engage baby’s senses by keeping bold (and reversible!) patterns within easy view.
When guava kids asked me to do a review of course I jumped at the chance since I already owned and love their guavamitts! They also wanted me to try out their guavaboots so they sent me a pair!



guavaboots have many of the great features of the guavamittsguavaboots have an adjustable velcro closure and are also made from 70% bamboo*, 30% organic cotton (*viscose from bamboo).  They also have antimicrobial properties and environmental sustainability! There are many stylish prints that match perfectly with the guavamitts!

I really liked the guavaboots because they are easy to put on and actually stay on my little guy! They stay on much better then traditional socks and booties and are also more comfortable then stiff baby shoes.   I think these are a great option for baby foot wear!

Must have for any new baby in your life!

guava kids

I am so glad I found guava kids and I am definitely a lifetime customer! I will be purchasing these as baby shower gifts from now on! I know most Mama’s will love the fact that these mittens and booties will stay on and not get lost! I highly recommend guavamitts and guavaboots for any baby!

guavamitts retail for $12.00 for 1 or $22.00 for 2.

guavaboots retail for $16.00.


  1. Those are awesome mitts! I wish I had know about it when my kids were baby!

  2. What a great article, and the pics are beyond adorable!

  3. That is great!!! And what a BEAUTIFUL baby!!!

  4. I love those booties! They would have been great for my boys. Adorable photos!

  5. These are too adorable! The cutest baby mittens I’ve seen and the fact that they actually stay on are in added bonus! Your baby is stinkin’ cute as well!

  6. These would have been handy when mine were little.

  7. This is the best invention ever! Wish they were around when my daughter was a baby!

  8. OMG what a cutie pie. I love the boots. We were always losing one sock or shoe when the kids were little.

  9. Those look amazing. I had to use something similar with my first child. Her nails were so sharp at birth and she would hurt herself if she didn’t have mittens on her hands. Those look like a nice pair, and the little footies, too cute.

  10. Sam @ Crunchy Livin Mama Style says:

    Thanks for sharing! Wish we had these when our little one was born to keep from scratching!! Boots are adorable too

  11. Those booties are so adorable! I usually keep my newborns hands and feet free from socks and mittens due to the fact that they always fall off! These look awesome!

  12. These are amazing! Those things always fall off… but these look great! Can’t wait to try them out with the new baby in January!!

  13. Rebecca Parsons says:

    These are super cute and so practical. I love their idea for these, new to me.

  14. I like that they are made from 70% bamboo*, 30% organic cotton and they stay on

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