Vacationing with our Tablet

Vacationing  with our Tablet

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We just got back from our long weekend vacation down in the Hill Country,  near Austin, Texas.  We had a great time and made many happy memories during our trip.  This vacation is the first time we have traveled with a tablet, my new Intel Tablet, the Toshiba Encore™ 2.  It made the trip more enjoyable for the boys especially during the long drive down and the few times it rained and got stuck inside our room.  

The tablet is very travel friendly.  I didn’t have to pack/bring a larger laptop or use the small screen of my phone.  My Toshiba Encore™ 2 is super lightweight and thin but still has a nice and clear 10.1-inch screen.  I really liked being able to browse the internet and check on a few things online from the tablet. 

I really try my best to stay unconnected with anything on the internet or work related when on vacation but I did have a couple of emails and blog related work I had to check on a few times really quick.  The tablet was great for this because it works more like a computer than my phone does and the screen is much easier to read.   I hate to bring my laptop on vacation so that is never an option.

Keeps the kids entertained with videos and apps.  My three young sons preferred the tablet over my phone for playing games and watching videos.  It came in handy a few times when the boys started asking if we there yet on the trip down and on the way back.

Unfortunately,  it rained a few times while we were on vacation but between card games, puzzles and playing on the tablet we were able to keep the kids entertained in the condo we rented.   They played a few of their favorite games we downloaded from the Windows Store and they watched videos from YouTube or Netflix. 

Vacationing  with our Tablet

Works as a Camera, Radio and eBook Reader:  This tablet takes great pictures too with it’s  built-in 5MP auto-focus rear camera for photos and video.  Now, the tablet is not something I just carry around to the lake or on trips out and about, but I did take several pictures  of us in our condo room and on the patio.  

The stereo speakers work really great with the Toshiba Encore™ 2 onboard stereo speakers and Dolby® Digital Plus audio.    You can use apps like Xbox® Music & Video, I Heart Radio and other music apps to listen to all your favorite tunes.  We spent a few nights on the patio looking at the lake, watching sunsets and listening to music.  

I read every night before I go to bed and I definitely prefer reading my ebooks from my tablet.  The screen size and clearness is awesome for reading.  Also, it has extend battery life rating of up to 11 hours, so no going dead in the middle of a chapter.

Vacationing  with our Tablet pics taken

Other Features:

  • New Windows®, , easily synchronize and share content across your other Windows® devices.
  • One-year subscription to Office 365™ Personal.
  • Fast startup and extend battery life rating of up to 11 hours.
  • Built-in Micro USB 2.0 and a Micro HDMI® port 
  • Webcam Plus Camera.
  • Built-in storage plus a microSD™ card slot.

 Vacationing  with our Tablet

If you have not taken your tablet on vacation before I highly recommend it; you will find so many ways it comes in handy.  If you do not own a tablet or need a new one, then I highly recommend checking out Intel Tablets.  They provide performance, security, and battery life in mobile, flexible, and reliable computing solutions for home life, education, healthcare, and business.

I would love to hear how you are using your tablet while on vacation! Leave a comment below!


  1. I am also using Toshiba Encore™ 2
    The stereo speakers work really great with the Toshiba Encore™ 2 onboard stereo speakers and Dolby® Digital Plus audio.

  2. Cynthia R says:

    We love our tablet for vacationing, beats lugging around an expensive laptop. We use it to play games, watch shows, check directions, websites, and tripadvisor while we are on vacation.

  3. Amber Ludwig says:

    Oh I totally agree!! Tablets can be such a lifesaver when there’s down time and antsy kids!! Least I know they can learn and be distracted at the same time 😉 What in the world did our parents do?!?!?! 😉

  4. I take my tablet everywhere I go. It truly does come in handy.

  5. Dandi D says:

    We let my son have our tablet sometimes in the car, but I try not to let him spend too much time on it.

  6. I love to bring my tablet on vacation. It’s so much more convenient than lugging around my laptop.

  7. We take our tablet on vacation too. There are times I get frustrated because the kids (and husband) sometimes want to play on the tablet more than hang with the family, but in other ways it is really convenient and fun, so…hard to leave at home.

  8. I think its wonderful time alone when one is using there tablet, I know my grandboys don’t have one yet but when they are here we all take turns on my computer loll,

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