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unicorn diaper


I participate in the http://change-diapers.com blog hop and this month’s topic is your “unicorn diaper.”

They asked, “Is there a particular diaper, color or print you are dying to have? Maybe it’s hard to find, or not in your budget; is there one diaper you would just love to add to your stash?”

So I decided to go do some “wishlist” cloth diaper shopping. Based solely on cuteness of the diaper and how much I would love to take a picture of my son in it.

Here are my favs in no particular order because they are all so freakin cute!!!

These first two are from Etsy shop Zookaboo.

Cloth diaper cover and matching embellished tee – bright stache

Cloth diaper cover and matching embellished tee - bright stache


Cloth diaper cover and matching embellished tee – patriotic pops

Cloth diaper cover and matching embellished tee - patriotic pops

These next two are from Etsy shop TheEliMonster.

Punk Rock All In Two (AI2) Cloth Diaper

Punk Rock All In Two (AI2) Cloth DiaperPunk Rock All In Two (AI2) Cloth Diaper

Cloth Diaper Cover Superhero

Cloth Diaper Cover Superhero Size MediumCloth Diaper Cover Superhero Size Medium

Both of these shops had so many cute diapers to choose from and both had good feedback ratings so I will trust to order from them….hopefully very soon!!

Think about your “unicorn diaper” and go do some “wishlist” shopping…it’s therapeutic!!

 I was not asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.


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  1. I TOTALLY recognize that Eli Monster dipe! I <3 them so hard core!! I donated mine (not the same print) because my kiddos are tiny super soakers. 🙁

  2. I have seen some REALLY cute ones on Diaper Wars that I would LOVE to have…if I could ever justify spending $25+ on ONE diaper. They may be unique, but I am CHEAP! lol

    • I’m with you Alicia, I don’t know if I can spend that much too. But I will have to check out this Diaper Wars just to look!

  3. I absolutely love my fluff, and I seriously need to have that popsicle shirt and fluff!!! SO CUTE FOR SUMMER!!

  4. These are adorbs!
    One of my biggest regrets is NOT cloth diapering our son.
    But in case the Lord blesses us with another one, I’m definitely going this route.

    • Joyce, I regret not using cloth diapers on my first two boys! I cringe a little at the money I could of saved! Glad I found them now and can enjoy the fun and cuteness!

  5. These are too cute! I need to start shopping because my 3.0 will be arriving soon and I am starting my stash over.

  6. I almost buy unnecessary cloth all the time. Some prints are just too adorable to resist!

  7. So cute! I love the popsicle one! I don’t cloth diapers, but all the cute prints make me consider trying it…

  8. wow.. so many cute looking diapers!!! I will have tough time in choosing which one would I want for my little ones. So adorable 🙂

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