Women’s Health Week Sampler Event!

Women's Health Week Sampler Event!
Women’s Health Week Event is almost here! I’m excited to announce and be part of this awesome event!  The #WHW Event will be running from September 12th-14th but you can RSVP TODAY. There are amazing brands you won’t want to miss during this event hosted by me, fellow bloggers & Sampler.  We all want to help you discover these awesome women’s health brands.  There are many products in the sampling events to be claimed!
What is A Sampler?

Sampler allows you to send product samples to friends.  Your friends will love receiving new samples and your friends in return can send those samples to you; aka “buddy up”.  For example, myself & my sister buddy up; we each follow along on the calendar provided to us to see when samples launch and then we send each other samples!  You can then share more samples with other friends to spread the #WHW LOVE!

Read below to learn how to be part of this event!


First things first, RSVP!  It’s really easy and by RSVPing you will be eligible to WIN a gift basket grand prize giveaway filled with goodies from our Health Weeks sampling brands (See brands below)! Also, by RSVP’ing you will get access to the official Women’s Health Week event calendar that will tell you the EXACT times (EST), day, & which company is launching samples. When samples launch simply go to their Facebook page and follow the link to send the samples!

Where talking about FREE samples!!!  You can only register once; so make sure to RSVP for the event right NOW! 



The “Wish for It” phase and buddy up!

After “RSVP’ing” you will receive exclusive access to the calendar and will have a chance to  “Wish For” the product samples you would like to receive.  You can share your wishes on 4 different social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  This lets your friends and family know what #WHW event products you would really like to receive.  Again, I highly recommend getting a buddy for this event; this way you can  grant each other’s wishes for the sampler.

During this week long Women’s Health Week Event, you’ll see some of your favorite bloggers .  Along with me, you’ll want to be sure to follow ConservaMom, Game On Mom, Obviously Marvelous, This West Coast Mommy and When Crazy Meets Exhaustion on Facebook during this Women’s Health Week. We will be directing you to when and where to participate in all the sampling events.  So be sure to keep an eye on my Facebook page so you don’t miss out on the wonderful #WHW brands!   

What brands are participating?

Intelligentsia Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee Kilogram Organic Breakfast Blend Pyramid Tea Bag  use high quality full tea leaves.  Their unique pyramid shape allows for proper steeping.  Intelligentsia Coffee buys Direct Trade, in season coffees and roasts them fresh to order. Their full lineup of Kilogram Tea provides fresh and vibrant teas that reflect the seasons.  

Kilogram Organic Breakfast PYRAMID TEA BAG is a sweet and malty organic China black tea in an amply sized pyramid bag to ensure that the flavors end up in the cup, not tossed out with the bag. 

kilogram tea

 Add Intelligentsia Coffee to your Wish List here

Intelligentsia Coffee

Tay’s Gourmet Superfood Granola

Taste the difference and try Tay’s Gourmet Superfood Granola. Tay’s Gourmet Superfood Granola is the difference between an ordinary granola experience and a Powerful Granola experience!

Made with the finest all natural and organic ingredients blended together for a powerful taste. Tay’s is just the right mix of chewy, crunchy, toasted, nutty flavor. It is low in sugar, loaded with fiber for good digestion and is high in Omegas 3 and 6 to promote heart health!

Tay’s Gourmet Superfood Granola also gives back! Supporting Children’s Hunger Fund by providing a meal to a child in need every time a bag of Tay’s is purchased!

Try the finest, all natural, healthy, high quality ingredients in all Tay’s Gourmet Products.  Add Tay’s Gourmet Superfood Granola to your Wish List here

Tay’s Gourmet Superfood GranolaTay’s Gourmet Superfood Granola


DeVita provides the most advanced, Certified Organic Aloe Vera based, 100% Paraben Free, Vegan, age-defying all natural skin care & color line available.  Providing a synergy of quality and stylish recyclability on the outside, with the best of what nature and cosmetic science has to offer on the inside. Health conscience consumers deserve the option of safe, effective non-toxic skin care and now color cosmetics too – they deserve DeVita!

Evening Rich Nutritional Moisturizer is a rich and creamy blend and is 100% Vegan & Paraban Free.  It is made with ingredients that work together to help replenish and condition the skin overnight.


Make it Clean. Make it Work. Make it Natural. Make it Exceptional…Make it DeVita!  You will definitely want to add DeVita to your wish list, go here


Perfect Bar

Perfect Bar is a family business developed out of love for optimal health, fitness and whole-food nutrition. The late Dr. Bud Keith (aka Dad), a renowned nutritionist and fitness industry pioneer, created the original Perfect Bar recipe as a healthy, on- the-go snack for his king-sized family. In 2005, the oldest of the 13 Keith brothers and sisters took their family recipe and launched the first refrigerated, whole food nutrition bar, carrying on the principles instilled in them as kids. 

Perfect Bar is the perfect bar if you crave smooth, delicious, all natural, incredibly nutritious, freshly ground peanut or almond butter. Perfect Bar products are sweeten to perfection with just enough organic honey, add high quality protein and 20 organic superfoods and use Mother Nature’s preservative, cold, to keep it tasting like it was just made.


That’s why Perfect Bar is  the only nutrition bar you’ll find in the refrigerated sections of your store, never the nutrient bar aisle.

Perfect Bar

  Add The Freshest Bar Ever Created, Perfect Bar to your Wish List here

Perfect Bar Perfect Bar

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods is the largest vertically-integrated hemp food manufacturer in the world. They strive on creating fresh, high quality hemp food & focus on the nutritional aspects hemp food brings to both young & old.

Try adding Hemp Protein Smoothie, a delicious and creamy blend of HempPro 70®, Organic Harvest Greens Blend, and other quality ingredients.  Available in three great flavours: Mixed Berry, Vanilla Chai, and Chocolate.


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods promoting health and wellness, and fostering positive change for the community and environment! Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods sampling event is also open to Canadians!  You will want to add Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods to your Wish List here


Green Goo

Green Goo Food for your skin, Revolutionizing how we think about body care. Herbal, power packed, pure, simple and organic!

100% All Natural Travel Size Deodorant. Finally natural deodorant that works! Stay fresh with natural ingredients that are soothing to the skin, yet effective. No hidden chemicals and all our ingredients are easy to pronounce. Free of aluminum, Propanediol, propylene glycol, parabens & phthalates. High performance without compromise. Gluten-free. 

Green Goo

Rethinking First Aid™ and Body Care Products. No bad stuff. No sneaky stuff. Add Green Goo to your Wish List here

green gooGreen Goo

Here are some tips to help you master the #WHW:

  • One sample per address only.
  • Sampler events allow you to send 3 samples to 3 different friends.
  • Don’t forget to claim your samples. You have one week to claim samples.


Women's Health Week Sampler Event participating brands

Which brand are you most excited about sampling?

Don’t miss out on this awesome event, go RSVP if you haven’t already! Also, remember my tips and go find your buddy now and start on that “Wish for It” list!

Be sure to keep up with me on Social Media during this #WHW Event so you don’t miss a Sampler!

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