Wordless Wednesday with Linky ~ 11/20/13

Wordless Wednesday 1120 from rays of bliss

Sharing some pictures from Phone and Instagram this week! By the way still haven’t put the socks up! Hoping my husband will do it!!! Wish me luck!!!

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Wordless or Not So Wordless Wednesday on rays of bliss

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  1. I love the lego robot.

  2. stevebethere says:

    How brilliant was that it looks terrific 😉

    Have a legotastic week 😉

  3. Awhhh….sweet pics,looks like you had a fun week!

  4. Those cheeks are adorable.
    Mine is #18.

  5. Ha ha ha, glad I’m not the only one with a hate for socks! Rudy and I joke that it’s part of my marriage contract that I will NEVER match or fold socks, that’s how much I hate it. Drives Rudy crazy. I tell him to fold his own darn socks already!

  6. Completely love that lego robot and the master of his universe beside his creation!

  7. I never put any laundry away. 😉

  8. So sweet (and reminds me I have so much laundry to do!)

  9. I can totally relate on the sock thing….

  10. I don’t like matching up the socks either. Happy WW

    Cute photos

  11. Oh my. I hate sock laundry too. I always lose a few. lol

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