Wordless Wednesday w/ Linky! Lego Crayons!

Lego Crayons

I ordered Lego molds for my son’s birthday party. I’m making Lego Crayons for favors and it’s so easy! I love how they turned out!

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  1. Fun party give away idea.

  2. Amanda M. says:

    What a great idea!

  3. I really like the way they made lego men out of crayons! Very multifunctional.

  4. Tammi @ My Organized Chaos says:

    Those are cute, I can’t say I’ve seen them before! Great idea in getting them!

  5. Mystery Case says:

    Super impressed.

  6. Jay @craftyspices says:

    How cool is that!!
    Really like your crayons, may have just given me some ideas…
    Thanks you and have a nice day!

  7. Crys Wiltshire says:

    Those look fantastic! What a great idea.

  8. Cute! ^.^

  9. What a lovely idea for party favors. So cute.

  10. Those molds are awesome! Something my boys would’ve loved when they were younger!

  11. Wow; very cool!

  12. Katy Rawson says:

    Fantastic idea and a great way to carry on the theme of the party. I also love non-candy party favors, especially for kids.

  13. These are awesome! I truly think my husband might like them more than my toddler…. 😉

  14. What a cool idea!

  15. Amy @ The BOAT says:

    That is awesome. My son is having a Lego Star Wars party in February….I may have to copy!!!

  16. Those are great! What a great idea! Our boys love LEGOs!

  17. Janice Trinh says:

    That’s pretty cool! (Also, did you do blog redesign recently???)
    Oh and I noticed you’re missing the place for commenters to leave their URL? That’s why commentluv doesn’t work? Or is it just me? 😉

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