Wordless Wednesday w/ Linky! New Family Pictures

rays of bliss Family Collage

Pictures taken for our Christmas Cards! They turned out great!

Wishing you all a Safe & Happy New Year!!!

Please share your favorite family-friendly post. Wordless or Not So Wordless!

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Wordless or Not So Wordless Wednesday on rays of bliss

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  1. Aww! they are fab photos 🙂

    Have a very Happy New Year & all the best for 2014 😉

  2. What a gorgeous little family! Happy New Year.

  3. Beautiful family!

  4. Thanks for hosting and have an AWESOME 2014.

  5. Beautiful family pics!!

  6. Lovely family pictures. Happy new year.

  7. feedmedearly says:

    Love the backlighting in the top right photo, lovely family, Happy New Year!

  8. Great family photos…. love the b&w one of you and the wee boy.

  9. Such a beautiful family! Hope you all have a wonderful 2014!

  10. You’re looking a little outnumbered in your beautiful family. Have a Happy New Year.


  11. beautiful family photos. Thanks for sharing and happy new year.

  12. Your photos are so nice! You have a beautiful family. Happy New Year to you and family! 🙂

  13. What gorgeous photos! I especially like the one of all of you together.

  14. What a beautiful family you have. Happy New Years.

  15. Lovely family photos! You have such a beautiful family! I have two boys and am currently pregnant. Wondering if I too, will soon be the mother of three boys!

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