Why Yes I am a Choosy Chick!

The Choosy Chick non-toxic products for the whole family.

This Green Mama is definitely a “Choosy Chick” and proud of it!  I also strongly encourage others to be a Choosy Chick (or Dude) too!  Why do I consider myself a “Choosy Chick”?  About 7 years ago my eyes were opened to the fact that many companies are exposing us all to toxic chemicals and possibly harmful ingredients in our day to day products.  Many consumers trust these companies and the government to make sure they are providing us with safe products to use in our home.  The fact is, the American government doesn’t require health studies or pre-market testing of the chemicals in personal care products, even though just about everyone is exposed to them.  Ultimately, it us up to the consumer to make informed purchasing decisions and shop at responsible retailers, like The Choosy Chick.

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The Choosy Chick is an online boutique dedicated to selecting the most effective, toxic free health and beauty products for retail. They also serve as an educational resource for consumers who want to learn more about the lack of regulation in the cosmetic industry, and the vast amount of beauty products on the market today containing toxic substances. The Choosy Chicks website is really easy to navigate and find the information you are looking for.  

The Choosy Chick non-toxic products for the whole family.

The Choosy Chick offers safe and effective health and beauty care products for the entire family.  They sent me a box filled with products for every person in my family to facilitate this review and show you their great selection.  I was sent 100% Pure makeup, DN-UNIK skincare products, ACURE soap and facial scrub, MAX GREEN ALCHEMY hair gel, JACK N’ JILL toddler toothbrush and toothpaste and SPLURGE SKINCARE repair balm.

The Choosy Chick Products for Mom, Dad and kids!

I personally know how difficult shopping for truly non-toxic and safe products can be, especially considering the “greenwashing” and deceptive marketing tricks of companies. For instance, the words “Natural” and “Organic” on a bottle mean nothing and these products may contain toxic ingredients. I really appreciate retailers, like The Choosy Chick, who do the research and are up front about the products they offer.  The Choosy Chick  has developed their very own standard for ingredients which has become the foundation for product selections.  You can check out The Choosy Chick Standards HERE.

 I was very happy with the awesome products The Choosy Chick sent me and I was really impressed by the amazing list of trusted manufacturers The Choosy Chick offers. I was familiar with a few of the brands but I was really shocked at how many I had never heard of. Check out the all the brands The Choosy Chicks offers HERE.

The products I tried from The Choosy Chick all are working great for me and my family.  I really love the 100% Pure makeup. I had not tried it but heard from several other “green mamas” that it was great, and it is!  The skin care products all work great too. The ACURE  facial scrub is a great exfoliator.  The DN-UNIK serums smell heavenly and feel lovely on my skin.  The splurge Melted Buttha repair balm works great and has been working great for my son’s eczema.   My baby boy is loving his new Jack N’ Jill toothbrush and really enjoys the flavor of the toothpaste!  The product my family was most excited about was my husband’s and son’s new hair sculpting gel from MAX GREEN ALCHEMY.  The hair gel they were using before was gluten-free (husband and son have Celiac) but it was not organic like this formula and  extra bonus it is cheaper!!!  I will most certainty be ordering more of several of these products from The Choosy Chick very soon. 

With a great selection of trusted manufactures, fair prices, user friendly website and a goal to educate the consumer are all reasons I was very impressed with The Choosy Chick and recommend anyone looking for non-toxic and safe products to visit.  So, if you consider yourself a Choosy Chick (or Dude) or you are striving to be more informed about your purchases of safe and effective products for your home you should visit the natural online boutique, The Choosy Chick!

The Choosy Chick

Visit The Choosy Chick to purchase non-toxic personal care products for the entire family HERE.

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Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 


  1. You had me at toxic free!!! I am severely allergic to most cosmetics. These sound like something I could try!!

  2. Kirsten Deacon says:

    I love this site – very informative!

  3. I am a Choosy Chic as well. I love that they are all toxic free as my skin is very allergic to most cosmetics and lotions. I have to be careful with what i use.

  4. John Thomas says:

    Thank you so much for the info, I was not aware of the Choosy Chic store but I will most certainly pass this on to my wife and daughters to check out.

  5. I was not aware that this existed. But I am going to try it right now. I love getting toxins out of out house.

  6. Amber Ludwig says:

    I love love love that they are choosy for ME!!! I hate trial and error with new items and lets be serious…. not all products that are natural are up to our standards!! I have tried numerous all natural deodorants with lots of errors lol…. It is relieving to know that these are tested and proven!

  7. I love testing out new products and I am always looking for safe products for me to use!

  8. It is scary all the toxins we are in contact with and don’t even know it. These sound like great products.

  9. Rebecca Parsons says:

    It is a refreshing thing when a company is upfront about products they carry or sell. They all sound like products I would love to try for my family.

  10. I’m a choosy chick, too. I didn’t know about this site. Thanks for the info.

    slehan at juno dot com

  11. Trish F says:

    I’m on a mission to clean up my act. I’ve transitioned from toxic household cleaners and detergents and now want to work on the personal care items. Thanks for all of this information. I’ll have to look into some of these specific products.

  12. Susan Broughton says:

    It sounds like this site has a lot of natural ans organic items! I am always looking for items with those qualifications on a daily basis here where I live. Sometimes you can find items others not, or it is just too expensive!

  13. Melissa S says:

    My skin is so sensitive I have had to use more natural products out of need, I have to agree that Choosy chic’s prices are fair and am going to check them out for some makeup.

  14. I used to shop at a co op years ago in Detroit with products very similar to the ones you have listed here. I love being choosy and it sure makes a true difference with your family!

  15. These products look really interesting. thanks for introducing me to them

  16. Kelly Nicholson says:

    although i probably cant use most of this stuff..ill sure spread the word..thank you

  17. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says:

    I haven’t heard of this company before your review. I really like that everything is toxin-free. I also like that they have products for men too — many lines are geared toward women and kids.

  18. ooh i spy jack and jill! thats a great company with a great product!! 🙂 i hadnt heard of this company prior though!! thanks for sharing!

  19. mathlovinmomma says:

    My little one has very sensitive skin so that has started me looking at the ingredients of the things we use a lot more closely. It is great to have a company who does that for me and guarantees that there isn’t anything unnecessary in them.

  20. I have wanted to try 100% Pure products for a long time now! I even bought some for my sister, but never tried it myself! The Jack and Jill products would be so great for my kid’s. I really like the idea of natural oral products!

  21. Looks awesome! I want the facial scrub!

  22. Patricia C. says:

    Like you said, it is difficult to find products that are truly natural and organic because there is so much green washing going on. I do most of my shopping online so i can do research and take my time. It can be really frustrating and time consuming so Im glad that you recommend this company. I am so envious of the box you were sent to review – those are all companies that i love or want to try! I will definitely check them out.

  23. Thanks for sharing the info about these natural products

  24. I am thrilled to have discovered The Choosy Chick and I look forward to exploring the site. I am making a conscious effort to replace potentially toxic products with those that are safe for me and my family.

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