5 Easy Eco-friendly Shopping Tips #BringingInnovation

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Energizer New EcoAdvanced Batteries #BringingInnovation #CollectiveBias

Do you have batteries on your grocery list?  I had AA batteries when I went shopping and was pleasantly surprised to find a new and “green” battery, the new Energizer EcoAdvanced Batteries at Walmart.  These batteries are right up this green mamas alley! I probably shouldn’t be this excited about a battery…but I totally am!  They are the first battery on the market to use recycled batteries/materials #BringingInnovation.  

Happy about the Energizer New EcoAdvanced Batteries

This new Energizer EcoAdvanced is “Energizer’s longest lasting alkaline ever”and holds up to 12 years in storage.  As an eco-conscious shopper I love seeing a huge company like Energizer leading the way to making the marketplace a greener place with these innovative batteries.

Energizer New EcoAdvanced Batteries #BringingInnovation #CollectiveBias Found in Walmart Electronics

I found the new Energizer EcoAdvanced Batteries in the electronic section of Walmart. They had the AA and AAA batteries.  Which is great for my family because we go through AA batteries at a decent rate with my 3 boys and their video game controllers and toys like remote control cars. I am thrilled to finally have an eco-friendly option!

new Energizer EcoAdvanced Batteries

I really do get excited when I find new eco-friendly products to add to my shopping list and make my shopping trips greener!  You can also make a few small changes to your shopping routine to make each trip more eco-friendly.  I am sharing 5 simple changes you can make to be a more responsible and eco-conscious shopper. 

Here are five easy things you can do to make grocery shopping greener.

  1. Use reusable bags and totes. Just say no to disposable grocery bags.  I prefer to use a fabric tote with a hard bottom.  I have had several cashiers and baggers tell me they prefer the tote too.  Don’t forget to get reusable produce bags too; you can even make reusable produce bags out of old t-shirts.
  2. Select products that say they are USDA Organic Certified or non-GMO Project Verified. 
  3. Look for products that are reusable instead of one time use products. For instance, instead of buying a 24 pack of water buy a stainless steel bottle.
  4. Choose products packaged responsibly by the manufacture. When possible buy dry goods like; beans, rice, coffee in bulk or look for products packaged in recyclable materials. 
  5. When possible choose products made from recycled materials like the NEW Energizer EcoAdvanced battery.

5 Ways to Shop Greener

These small changes will make your life greener, as well as, send a message to businesses to grow a more environmentally sustainable marketplace.  If more shoppers are buying  green, fair trade, organic,  and products made from recycled materials companies will take notice. More and more eco-friendly products will become available and the prices will most likely lower as well. 

I’d love to hear your tips! Leave a comment sharing your eco-friendly shopping tips.

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  1. These are great tips!! We have been trying to be better about using reusable bags since we always end up using SO MANY plastic bags. It’s definitely very important!! Love all your tips!! #client

  2. Great to know!!!! We don’t even have anywhere nearby to recycle batteries so it’s good to know there are options!

  3. Rebecca Parsons says:

    Some great tips especially for people who are wanting to go green and where to start.

  4. this is so great. the eco friendly batteries will be my next purchase. thank you.

  5. Green tips to enhance mind power, simple, fulfilled – http://bit.ly/1MAbMIG

  6. Shopping eco-friendly is my moto too! Better-Wellbeing.com loves all things that help the environment and keep you and your family more toxin free. We rarely buy one time use products ourselves. Reduce, Reuse, then Recycle. Thanks for all the great tips!

  7. Great tips! I’ve definitely had to get good at bringing my reusable bag to the grocery store over the last few years here in CA, they charge you 10 cents per bag if you don’t.

  8. Don’t forget the reusable bags!

  9. I am super duper excited for recycled batteries why haven’t they came out with them sooner.

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