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August #clothdiapers #bloghop - my wash routine

This month Maria from asked, “What type of washing machine do you use? What detergent? Water temperature? How many diapers do you wash at a time? What cycle do you use? (and so forth!)”

***Please Note this is what works for me after some trial and error. There are SO MANY variables to consider when coming up with your own Cloth Diaper Laundry: Water Type (hard or soft), Type of Washer (top or front load), detergent you use (should always be cloth diaper safe), and even the type of cloth diapers you are washing.****

At my house we own the LG front load washing machine. I love it because it has so many setting options!

LG Front Load Wash/Dryer

LG Front Load Wash/Dryer

How I wash my cloth diapers:

First I do a 15 minute speed cold water wash with no soap. Then I throw in a Honest Brand 4-in-1 laundry pod and set the washing machine at: Cotton/ Normal Wash, Hot Water, Heavy Soil Level, 2 Extra Rinses.

LG Front Load Wash/Dryer  Honest 4-in-1 pods

I wash my cloth diapers every 2 days.  I wash everything together diaper shells/covers, inserts, hemp inserts, cloth wipes, laundry bags and even my 3 year old son’s underwear if he has an accident.

For drying I remove the diaper shells/covers and laundry bags to line/air dry. Everything else goes in the dryer with 6 wool dryer balls and 2 large towels. This helps reduce static and helps them dry quicker.

I do line dry outside every once in a while. It freshens the cloth diapers and helps remove stubborn stains.

I have written a couple other post about my cloth diaper laundry routine.

Cloth Diaper Laundry Printable

Free For Personal Use: Cloth Diaper Laundry Printable


August #clothdiapers #bloghop - my wash routine

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  1. Your machine has a double extra rinse option? Jealous! LOL

  2. that is a lot of options. I’m just thankful mine has a ‘2nd rinse’ option so I don’t have to go back and forth so many times..

    • Jill, I honestly don’t know how to use most of the settings! I would have to ask my husband b/c he does most the laundry. I am only responsible for cloth diapers!

  3. Nicole O. says:

    Lol I’m so jealous of ur washer and dryer!!! I have an old top loader that does the job ,launder my cloth diapers,wipes and shells ever other day..i do a quick cold rinse no detergent,then a hot wash cycle with 2-3tbs of Rockin Green Hard Rock detergent with 2 extra rinses all on the highest water level,,then hang dry everything out on the line 🙂 I’m going to have to try out the wool dryer balls for when the weather changes

  4. How many diapers are you washing at a time? I have the same machine and am having difficulty with igniting out the quantity that I can effectively wash. Thanks!!

    • I wash every other day. So about 10-14 diapers at a time. I now add 2 towels to the wash to make sure enough water is in the washer. I haven’t had any issues. Hope this helps!

  5. I haven’t started CD’ing yet because baby hasn’t arrived. But this post helps me out a lot because I was wondering how to do the laundry too! Your washer/dryer looks a lot like mine, different brands but similar set-up.

  6. Hi, when you add two towels to the dryer are the towels wet or dry? If they are wet, do you wash them with the diapers and then put them into the dryer? Thank you!

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