My Favorite Holiday Tradition + Walmart Toyland Events #ChosenByKids


This is a sponsored post written in conjunction with Walmart and a campaign for Sverve. All opinions are 100% my own.

I love the Holidays! There are many things to love about this time of year; the music, decorations, food, family gets together and of course all those family traditions.  My family has many traditions but my very favorite tradition is the Christmas Eve party!

I have a huge family and they have always done holidays and parties big.  My mother is one of 12 kids and I have 34 first cousins, so a big family is almost an understatement.  As a kid all my mom’s family lived in the same city or a near by city, most of them still do today, so everyone showed up for the big Christmas Eve party.  Every Christmas Eve my family got together after church for food and to see Santa!  Every year Santa (one of my uncles) showed up at the party!  Every kid, 18 and under, would be called to sit on Santa’s lap and he would give us our gift.  Everyone would crack up at the big 18 year old sitting on Santa’s lap.  My Uncles and Aunts would yell out not to break Santa’s knee!  After Santa made his appearance the rest of the presents would be passed out and everyone would open their gifts together.  This Christmas Eve party was a highlight of my Christmas every year and still is!

My family has carried on with this tradition now that my cousins and I are grown with kids of our own.  Now instead of uncles dressing up it’s my cousins!  I am so grateful to my family for organizing this every year so that all our children can experience this wonderful Holiday Tradition!  


Continuing Holiday Traditions and creating new ones is what makes this time a year so great!  My new tradition this year will be attending the Walmart Holiday Toyland! You can interact with this year’s hottest toys, chosen by kids, and become an official Toy Tester! Walmart Toyland is a  great way to see what’s new and what kids are excited about. I will be attending with my boys next week! You can find an event near you and find the perfect gift #ChosenByKids!

What is your favorite Holiday Tradition?  Are you planning on attending a Walmart Toyland Event?


  1. We love to have a Christmas Eve party too! So much fun

  2. I love you Christmas Eve party! I want to come! We have a Christmas day lunch tradition that is similar in size to your Christmas eve party! I love holiday traditions!

  3. We had such fabulous Christmas Eve parties when I was growing up. Everyone has moved away and started their own families and these parties don’t happen any more. That makes me so sad! I love your story!

  4. I HAVE ACTUALLY NEVER BEEN TO A Christmas eve party sounds great!

  5. We have a very large Christmas Eve party too….my Mom has 8 siblings so I know the HUGE family get-together ALL TOO WELL!! =D

  6. I’m from a big family too! Granny had 12 kids, so the aunts, uncles, and cousins for the Holidays has always been fun. We all still meet for Christmas Dinner, the presents are always about the kids, always.

  7. I want to go to the toyland event–that sounds like a fun new tradition!

  8. I have quite a few Holiday traditions! From baking cookies to the matching pajamas, we love all our family traditions. I will be attending a Walmart toy event!!

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