Holiday Gift Tags Free Printables: Retro ~ Modern ~ Geeky!

Holiday Gift Tags Free Printables Retro ~ Modern ~ Geeky!

There are so many free printable Holiday Gift Tags out there. I wanted to come up with a little bit different list for you! I picked out my favorite ones to share with you! Here are a few Retro, Vintage, and Geeky Gift Tags! I found you gift tags for everyone: mustache, fox (for the What does the Fox Say song lovers, Retro/Vintage, Holiday Zombies, Ugly Sweaters and Sock Monkeys! Perfect for this Holiday Season….Right?

Mustache Gift Tags

DIY Printable Mustache Santa Holiday Wrapping Paper & Gift Tags from Design Lookout by LG Design Studio


Woodland / Fox Gift Tags


Woodland Christmas Gift Tags & Labels from Lia Griffith – Handcraft Your Life


Woodland christmas tags from Jones Design Company

Modern Gift Tags

Holiday 11 Gift Tags

Modern Gift Tags from Sass & Peril

Labels from from Martha Stewart

Gift Tags from

Retro & Vintage Gift Tags


Retro Christmas Embellishments from Vintage Glam Studio

Vintage Christmas Tags from The Cheeky Seagull

Vintage Christmas Labels from Far Far Hill

Geeky Gift Tags {My Favorite Ones}

zombie holiday gift tags

Zombie Holiday Gift Tags from Rise Again

Sock Monkey gift tags!

Sock Monkey gift tags from Cece Bell


Star Wars Gift Tags from ComicsAlliance


Geeky Gift Tags © Brigid Ashwood 2011

Geeky Gift Tags from GeekMom

So have some fun with your Gift Tags this Year and use some from this List!

Which Ones do you love?



  1. I love the vintage elf ones, reminds me of Christmases when I was a kid. My kids though would get a kick out of the Star Wars ones.

  2. I love these! My 14 year old son would love the zombies and the Darth Vader, along with my husband

  3. Thank you , thank you, THANK YOU for this round-up! 😀

  4. Love the woodland Christmas tags!

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