MerchSource Tumbler R/C Review ~ #ChosenByKids ~ Walmart Toyland Event

MerchSource Tumbler R/C Review ~ #ChosenByKids
This is a sponsored post written in conjunction with Walmart and a campaign for Sverve. All opinions are 100% my own.

I posted recently about My Favorite Holiday Tradition and told you about our new tradition of visiting the Walmart Toyland #ChosenByKids Event this year! It was a blast and my son loved being an official Toy Tester!

At my local Walmart they had a station setup with several toys for people to test out and interact with. The toys they had out to test were this year’s hottest toys, chosen by kids! It was a great way to see what’s new and what kids are excited about. My son loved testing the toys out in the middle of the store. He was talking about the event all day!


The MerchSource Tumbler R/C was tested and approved by my son! While testing it out in the store he crashed into a near by shelf and knocked a few toys off!  So of course that was the highlight of the event!  The sweet ladies working the Toyland #ChosenByKids Event told me that these were flying out of the store and I could understand why!  They were very cool with their flashing lights and ablility to spin, turn and flip! They were on sale for $9.95 and required 1-9-volt and 4-double A batteries.   My son was super excited when I told him we were taking it home!

My son waisted no time taking the MerchSource Tumbler R/C out of the box to play with.

MerchSource Tumbler RC Review ~ #ChosenByKids ~ Walmart Toyland Event

The MerchSource Tumbler R/C is easy to use and  features flashing LED lights.  It can perform flips and 360º single-tire wheelies! My son is loving to make up names for the tricks he is doing with his new toy.  His favorite trick is “The Tornado”!

The MerchSource Tumbler R/C performs well on carpet, tile and hardwood. It works best on the hardwood to do spins, like “The Tornado”. The carpet and grooves in the tiles slow it down some.

The remote and car each have an On/OFF switch. So be sure your kids turn both off when they are done playing with it.


  • performs 360º single-tire wheelies
  • flashing LED lights
  • full-function wireless radio control with special action button
  • available in 2 frequencies for competitive racing
  • requires four AA batteries (not included) and one 9V battery (not included)


The MerchSource Tumbler R/C would make a great gift for any kid 5 and up. Check your local Walmart if they have them in stock.


The Walmart Toyland #ChosenByKids Events are over for this year so be sure to check them out next year, I know I am!

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  1. Your son looks like he is having so much fun! What a great toy to give to our children.

  2. This looks like a great toy. I think my son would be interested in one too

  3. My son would love that! In fact, I think his grandparents got him one. By how she was explaining it to me it sounds like this toy. Regardless, he would love the flashing LED lights on this one 🙂

  4. Oh, that looks super COOL! My son would love that!

  5. Oh wow this looks so fun what little one wouldn’t love the tumbler Wal Mart has some good toys this year

  6. Great Post & Photos! Super Cute the news your boys are coming up with! We loved this toy so much we bought it at the Event too! The spins it does, and its back wheel is pretty awesome. Hubby says I bought it for me, and not the Kids. 🙂

  7. Great gift idea! Looks like a fun event, too 🙂

  8. I love that he crashed in the store….always fun when they are allowed to be hands on!!=D

  9. You can totally tell your son had a blast.

  10. Denise Taylor-Dennis says:

    What a fun toy my son would love playing with this.

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