Wordless Wednesday w/ Linky! 4/15/14

What's A Sunburn? UV Skinz baby shirt

I took this picture for a review of UV Skinz. I had to share this because I just love that super cheesy smile!

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  1. LOL how cute heheh!

  2. What a cute, sun safe kid 🙂

  3. Aw, looks so sweet… 🙂

  4. Great invention! And golly, what a cute baby!

  5. I adore UV Skinz! Such a cute photo!

  6. What a beautiful smile!

  7. What a cutie

  8. Absolutely adorable and sun safe! 😀

  9. I got one of these for my son when he was little because he is so fair. It was great for swimming and dried quickly too. Enjoy!! Thanks for hosting WW 🙂

  10. Look at that smile! Brightens ones day =) #WW

  11. What a cutie! Love the grin.

  12. Arent they coming up with the best ideas to protect that precious skin, he is so cute!!

  13. I don’t actually have any UV Skinz brand products. Great idea. We have several comparable brand and oldest DD really needs them. She has very fair skin.

  14. Both my girls wore sun shirts until at least 8! Love them!

  15. What a cutie!

  16. So adorable!

  17. What a cutie!

  18. He is adorable! Have a terrific Wednesday!

  19. My kids have sun shirts but I haven;t actually heard of this brand. I will seek them out. Oldest DD needs sun shirts badly. Her skin is very fair.

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