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I come from a big family so we go to a lot of baby showers. So for my sister’s baby shower we wanted to skip the cross word, word scramble, nursery rhyme match games because we have played those games so many times. Those games are great but when you go to a baby shower as often as we do they do get old.  I think most my aunts can solve those in 30 seconds because they have done them all so much. My sisters and I decided on a couple new games we don’t usually play at baby showers!

We gave lotions wrapped in tissue and a clear favor bag with a personalized sticker from for the prizes.

When guest came in to sign in they had to guess how many M&M’s were in the bottle and fill out a Door Prize Ticket. Free Printable Available Here.

Owl Baby Shower Guess # Game

At the table when guest sat down they had a Wish for Baby from BDesigns4You to fill out for the Mama to be.

Printable Wishes for Baby - Shower WISH Game Cards

We played Guess the Mother’s Measurements. We used streamer rolls instead of toilet paper. is much cheaper 2. it’s so wasteful to use toilet paper.

Guess the Mother's Measurements

We also played Candy Bar Match-Up Game. Free Printable available from


The favorite game we played by far was the Purse Game! We had a personalized game from . I know there are a lot of purse games out there but this one had so many more items then many other ones out there. It made the game that much better! The girl that ended up winning had over 25o points! She said once something goes in her purse it never comes out! Guest were cracking up over the weird stuff in each others purses. It is a great game and is now a must have game at every shower for our family!

Baby Shower What's In Your Purse Gamepurse game

We also hid a “dirty” diaper under one guest chair. We used a chocolate candy smashed up inside of the diaper! Ha Ha, that one got a good laugh too!

Babt Shower: Dirty Diaper Under Chair

Overall, all the games went over great! Everyone had great time playing them and trying to win something!

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  1. In all my years, I never would have thought of using streamers for measuring. You are right, using toilet paper is very wasteful. I really like the idea of the M&Ms in the bottle. Great ideas. We also used to play a game with clothes pins. everyone got a set number of pins, each time someone said the word ‘baby’ another person could snatch the pin. The person with the most pins wins.

    Enjoy the new bundle,


  2. I’ve never played the purse game – I’ll have to put that on my list as it seems I’m hosting a ton of baby showers lately… And streamers for the measurements game is genius! Great idea!

  3. I’m not a huge fan of games, but since I’m in charge of baby showers at church, I appreciate the ideas. Some mothers like games and some don’t, and I’m always at a loss to decide what games to play.

  4. Looks so fun! I’ve never heard of a few of these games – so I’ve got to come back when I host my friend’s next shower! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. I like the Wish For Baby Idea-very sweet

  6. I soon had a son, and it occurred less than 3 months away. I am looking for baby shower game ideas, and I found here. Thanks, this really helped me.

  7. I love baby shower games…so much fun. I forget what mine were as it was almost 17 years ago.

  8. These are some good ideas for baby showers.

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