Bugs Fingerprint Art ~ Free Printable

Do your kids like fingerprint crafts?  I am sharing the Bugs Fingerprint Art printable guide I created for my boys with you!

Bugs Fingerprint Art ~ Free Printable

Fingerprint art is one of my kids favorite art projects and I like too because it is usually pretty easy to set up and clean up.  Lately, my boys love anything bug related and wanted me to show them different bugs to make.  Because of their love for fingerprint art and bugs I created a page with several different bugs for them to use as a guide so they can reference while creating their fingerprint bugs on their own.  Of course, I’m also sharing these fun bug fingerprint art ideas with you as a free printable guide!  

Use this as a guide for your child to look at or let them fingerprint right onto the guide page.   To get started you will need paper, a fine tipped marker and colorful stamping inks or finger paint.  My boys really love this guide; you can see in the picture above my son did a great job and I love the jar he added to his picture!  Another idea is print the guide and display it in your kids room or play room!  I hope you enjoy this guide and it helps your little ones create their very own fingerprint bugs!

Download Bug Fingerprint Art Guide HERE

Bugs Fingerprint Art ~ Free Printable
Do your kids enjoy fingerprint art? 

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  1. I am an elementary school counselor. Would it be possible for me to use this free printable for our STEM field day? We are going to do a station with fingerprint art and I love the simple visual you have created…Thank you!

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