Christmas Wish List Free Printable ~ 4 Gift Rule

Several years ago I was introduced to the 4 Gift Rule; something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read.  I instantly thought this was a great idea.  The 4 Gift Rule method makes gift giving simple and it has really helped my family to stay on budget during the holiday season.  I created a Christmas Wish List using the 4 Gift Rule and I am sharing it with you! 

Christmas Wish List Free Printable ~ 4 Gift Rule

If my son has something more expensive on his “want list” then I get him inexpensive items for his “need”, “wear” or “read” gift.   I have saved a ton of money by purchasing books from Half Price Books and/or  buying a cool shirt from a consignment store or clearance section at Kohl’s (or even better getting shirts for free by using Kohl’s Cash I’ve earned)! 

On my Christmas Wish List printable each rule has 4 slots for ideas so you have options to choose from and helps there to be an element of surprise in your gift giving! There is also a section for 1 item they really would love to receive, possibly a Santa gift (if you do Santa).  In our home we give a Santa Gift in addition to the 4 gifts from Mom & Dad.

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>>Christmas Wish List Free Printable<<

My boys had a great time making their list.  We searched and toy sections because you can select age range for ideas.  Also, here’s a tip I have been doing the last 2 years; create an Amazon List for each kid using their wish list.  You can share it with grandparents and other family members.   Even if they do not buy through Amazon they can mark the gift as purchased.   Whenever someone asked for gift ideas for my boys I sent them a link.  

Do you use the 4 Gift Rule in your home?  

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