DIY Toad Costume / Hat ~ Baby or Kid

This year my 6 year old and 3 year old decided they wanted to be Mario Brothers. So obviously that means I get to dress my baby boy as Toad! Unfortunately, they do not sell an infant size Toad costume!  I had to get creative and crafty for this one and make my own DIY Toad Costume and Hat! This DIY will work for a baby, kid or even an adult!

I am still learning to sew with a sewing machine so my husbands grandmother helped me with this project. All references to sewing was all her! But, I am getting weekly lessons so soon I will be a sewing machine master!

What You Will Need for Toad Costume

First I purchased white pants for my son. You will probably have to go into the girl section for some reason they do not sell boy white pants. I actually got these from a resell store for $2 in the girl section!  I already had a tan/beige colored onesie. I purchased the royal blue vest on Ebay from a store that sells vest separately for $12. I also already had some yellow fabric for sewing around edge of vest, but you can purchase a small amount of yellow fabric for under $1.

You will have to sew or use Iron-On Adhesive to put yellow around edge of blue vest.

The hat was the hardest part but was not too difficult.

How to Make Toad Hat


1/2 yard of white flannel fabric

1/4 yard of red flannel fabric

winter hat or beanie that fits your child


Iron-On Adhesive



needle and thread

sewing machine (optional)


Cut a large white circle. My son is 6 months so my circle was 18 inches wide. You will need to leave a lot of room for batting. Bigger hats may need 1 yard of white fabric to cut larger circle.

DIY Toad Hat

Cut 4 ovals out of red fabric.

DIY Toad Hat

Cut 1 small circle for top of hat.

Use Iron-On Adhesive to attach ovals and circles to white fabric. (I went ahead and also used sewing machine to sew dots on but iron-on adhesive will do the job)

DIY Toad Hat

Cut batting down to fit inside hat.

DIY Toad Hat

Sew around the outer part of white fabric and pull thread to pull hat together.

DIY Toad Hat

Put winter hat or beanie inside of hat.

Sew the winter hat into Toad hat.

DIY Toad Hat

*Optional instead of using a winter hat you could sew in an elastic band.

Here’s a picture of my 3 year old as Luigi and my baby boy in his Toad costume. I couldn’t get “Mario” to cooperate! Those pictures will have to wait until Halloween!

Mario Brothers with DIY Toad Costume



  1. What is the link to the ebay seller of the blue vest?

  2. Just found this! Would you be willing to sell? I can’t find another baby toad costume I love as much as this one!

  3. OMG these are too cute. I love them and thanks for sharing….

  4. That is an incredibly cute costume and he is adorable!

  5. Amber Ludwig says:

    Omgosh and you did such a great job!!! Super duper cute and you make it sound so easy!!

  6. Thank you for taking the time to teach us!!

  7. This may be a little tacky but I was thinking of using yellow duck (brand) tape for lining with a lil fabric glue. That way I don’t have to cut or iron and I can fold it around the edge. Do you think that would work?

  8. Would you sell?

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