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  1. She just repeats herself over and over and over no matter if I’ve responded, if it’s not the answer she wanted she just keeps asking…we have to actively ignore her after the first time. 😛 Drives me up the wall!

  2. My daughter screams in the car.

  3. The sassiness and backtalk 🙂

  4. gets into the same thing every single day. theres one thing we havent been able to hide well enough and he gets into it repeatedy!!

  5. Renee Smith says:

    The tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. So difficult to ignore them. Hope she figures out quickly that they aren’t working.

  6. Amy Lumley says:

    My little one is not a toddler yet, but my older kids wouldn’t listen to me 🙂

  7. I haven’t had my #2 yet, but when #1 was a toddler he would somehow ALWAYS find pens and pencils to draw on the walls. I swear I use to think I had them all, but he would find them the minute I turned my back. hehehe It use to drive me insane.

  8. ginger g. says:

    Don’t have a toddler yet, but I’d say throwing food on the floor!

  9. He is such a messy eater, it drives me crazy.

  10. erin thornton says:

    He interrupts me in the middle of adult conversations.

  11. Karen Rennirt says:

    Argues about everything, 4 going on 14.

  12. Throwing food on the floor and screaming when he can’t get his way

  13. Lilia Kharabora says:

    Puts his fingers in his mouth!! So many germs, ayyayay!!

  14. Lindsey Doepker says:

    Mine is not a toddler yet but I do know what it will be. My lovely husband is going to have our kid do a family gay thing were stewie says mom mom mom mom over and over if you have ever seen that show you will know what I’m talking about.

  15. Rebecca T says:

    I don’t have a toddler quite yet, but I know the “NO” stage can get old fast!

  16. We’re still incubating, but she kicks me at the darndest times!

  17. Don’t have a toddler yet but probably would be tantrums

  18. my 4yr old has started to ask the same thing repeatedly and pretends as if she didn’t hear me once I answer her.

  19. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski says:

    screams instead of telling me what he needs

  20. My baby insists on putting the dog food in her water dish. We block the area off, but the second we open it up to let the dog in, daughter finds a way!!

  21. He loves the word NO

  22. sherry moore says:

    When we give her new food instead of trying it she throws it on the floor

  23. allison roberts says:

    when i tell him something he says, “ugghhh! ok ok!!” drives me nuts cause its everytime.

  24. When our oldest was a toddler he had already learned to manipulate his grandparents and when we would say no he would go ask them and they never asked us when giving things to him. Now he still tries to do it at 8 years old but we’ve since talked to the grandparents.

  25. My toddler drives me nuts by pinching/stroking the flab under the edge of my arms. Seriously. It drives me insane and it’s a throw back from him nursing-the pinching/stroking of the free boob while he eats. I guess it’s something to tell his future friends for blackmail 😉

  26. sophia mach says:

    Refuses to sleep in her crib she will cry till 3 in the morning every morning until you get her out.

  27. @10mo. old and still wants to sleep in bed with us

  28. Dorian Taylor says:

    It drives me crazy when he Whines!!

  29. Claudia Alvarez says:

    Those days when she whines from dusk to dawn 🙁

  30. ashley perez says:

    when she wants to cry when she doesn’t get her way

  31. Cynthia Brooks says:

    Not holding my hand when it’s necesary.

  32. When he pretends he doesn’t hear me or acts like he doesn’t understand what I’m saying.

  33. He grinds his teeth.

  34. i still breast feed and when he gets mad he will bite me on purpose…

  35. Jonathan Baker says:

    Tries to get food all over me when we’re eating dinner by trying to wipe his hands on my shirt 🙂

  36. jess fritzges says:

    Mine is only crawling, but he loves to get into anything he should not have.

  37. My toddler spits food and water and it drives me crazy…

  38. Micheal Bergeron says:

    Acting out when you know they know better.

  39. she pinches me,

  40. Candace Calkins says:

    My daughter drives me crazy when she hides her crayons– usually in the couch, in mom or dad’s shoes, or in her footie pajamas!

  41. My toddler takes things from my baby after I give them to him. She is picky about what she wants to let him play with.

  42. Richard F. says:

    My toddler has started spitting and it drives us crazy.

  43. When she tries to hit and bite when she’s frustrated 🙂

  44. Kara Campuzano says:

    He likes to mimic what I say…like a parrot!

  45. He likes to start and stop the washing machine in the middle of a cycle.

  46. Throws the bottle on the floor when done.

  47. Angela Rhodes Ingles says:

    We’re currently expecting our first child, so we haven’t experienced the toddler stage yet. 🙂

  48. Paol Trenny says:

    My child likes to scream at the top of her lungs – just for kicks. My little sister is a loud person so her kids are also very loud. They spend alot of time at time at my house —so my daughter has picked their loudness.

  49. Pushing. She pushes her little sister for no apparent reason. And she knows she isn’t supposed to, because she runs off after she does it. Stinker.

  50. traci mcmahon says:

    he dumps all his food on the floor and than signs for more food ….well you wouldnt be so hungry if you actually ate it?!?!

  51. Stalling at bedtime! Wanting to give people kisses over and over to stay awake longer. It’s cute, but gets old. HA!

  52. Mallorie Valdez says:

    She torments her older sister relentlessly

  53. I do not have instargram and can not get it

  54. Charlotte R says:

    Just won’t listen… It’s like I’m not even talking

  55. Stalls at bedtime. Last drink, Kleenex, one more kiss, etc…any reason to delay the inevitable.

  56. cindy samms says:

    my toddler started throwing tamtrums and I could crawl in a hole sometimes she is so emparassing

  57. Robin Miller says:

    Cries at the drop of a hat, she really knows when to turn on the tears when we are in public!

  58. charlene mellow says:

    sassy and wont listen always no

  59. janell wagner says:

    I’m Grandma, so nothing they do drives me nuts 🙂

  60. brandi fletcher says:

    Crying at nothing.

  61. My peanut “shares” her food with the dog by throwing it on the floor.

  62. The tantrums thrown towards me when they’ve messed something up and I was nowhere around

  63. Elayna Spruill. says:

    Spits up all over the place. YUK!

  64. Throws things in the toilet or bathtub!

  65. My toddler is learning to drink from a cup so dumping it and playing in the spilled milk/juice/water… (sometimes literally flinging it/splashing in it) that drives me nuts sometimes.

  66. Erica Williams says:

    I haven’t gotten to toddler years, yet, but if my children are anything like i was I’m in for a treat! My mom couldn’t take me to stores, cause I’d run and hide thinking it was a fun game of hide n seek!

  67. Nothing yet as I’m still expecting but with parents like us, I’m exasperated just considering the possibilities!

  68. Cece Amos says:

    My son ignores me when I say it’s time to clean up. Or when I say anything, really.

  69. kara rendon says:

    i dont have lil ones 🙂 i want to win this for my sister in law who is due in december with her first baby!!

  70. Cindy Kong says:

    when she pours all her food on the ground!! ARGH.

  71. Gina Blomgren says:

    No toddlers here yet…almost!

  72. Doesn’t do what I ask him to do like to pick up toys when done playing with them etc.

  73. I don’t have a toddler yet, but I’m already nervous at the possibilities! ha!

  74. Savannah Hawkins says:

    picks his boogers and eats them!!

  75. Hailey Austin says:

    uses her middle finger for pointing!!

  76. sheri anderson says:

    My grandson likes to knock large items to the floor and not too cool when it’s a computer, LOL!

  77. I don’t have a toddler, but my 5.5 month old pulls my hair a lot 🙂

  78. Ann Barham says:

    Non of my own yet, but when I do I’ll enjoy everything they do, even the things that urk me.

  79. Jamie Williams says:

    Takes all the wipes out of the case!

  80. jillian warner says:


  81. Violeta V Gill says:

    The screaming! Every time he hears someone else screaming he has to!

  82. Temper tantrums in stores and restaurants.

  83. My daughter is so hard to get out of bed…she hides under the covers and won’t come out. 🙂

  84. she stays up WAAAYYYY to late chatting to herself in her room!

  85. When she claims she can’t walk when I ask her to do something, it drives me nuts.

  86. lisa bolduc says:

    I don’t know yet, I am due with my first in feb

  87. she takes everything out of the kitchen cupboards and hides it around the house!

  88. Gets into EVERYTHING! =)

  89. The fits he has at times.. Thanks for the chance.

  90. elaine bolduc says:

    my kids are grown now but I have 4 grandchildren and one on the way. but what I remember most with my children was trying to answer the “how comes” and “why is the moon round?” lol so many whys.

  91. Screams for no apparent reason. It drives me insane.

  92. Jessica Sanders says:

    Yells and screams when he doesn’t get his way.

  93. I don’t have a toddler yet. baby due in November.

  94. screams very high pitched

  95. keep me up and running all day

  96. Jordan S. says:

    Tries to climb into the dishwasher while I’m loading and unloading it!

  97. She hates to be changed!

  98. Kristen V says:

    her loud ear piercing scream

  99. Maggie Balboa says:

    Screams if I just step into the next room.

  100. I have 2 of them! They have screaming matches & whoever yells longer wins….Oye!

  101. A really trying toddler trait would have to be the screaming! So high-pitched! Worse than a baby’s wail!

  102. My youngest is almost 5 and stil tries to sleep in our bed everynight!

  103. Stacy Anders says:

    My son is constantly trying to sneak into the dog food!!! YUCK!

  104. Christina M says:

    My daughter refuses to nurse in any position that is comfortable for me . One good thing is I am gaining a lot of upper body strength lol!!

  105. Nancy Rodriguez says:

    My 3 year old is a master at getting out of strollers and high chairs! I just want her to sit sometimes!

  106. He gets into EVERYTHING!

  107. My niece is at the “why, why, why, why, why, why” stage!!

  108. Lisa Gonzalez says:

    I have a 3 and 4 yr old. They drive me nuts when they argue.

  109. Amanda H. says:

    He throws his food on the floor!

  110. Tantrums when I ask him to go pee before we go out.

  111. Gives EVERYTHING to the dog!

  112. Caitlin Schow says:

    He has started hitting! Such a big “no no” for me. He’s only 13 mos though, so how do you teach him to know that it’s wrong?! Drives us crazy. He’s always hitting other kids and knocking them down. Little bully!

  113. She likes to pull all of my spices out of the lazy susan!

  114. Claudia Rodriguez says:

    Mine is just 6 months, he puts everything in his mouth

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