Organizing My Cloth Diapers

If you use cloth diapers you realize very soon that there are a lot of components to using cloth diapers.  I like to make things as easy as possible and organized, so I created My Beautiful Diaper Station.


Just a changing table was not going to cut it.  I needed an additional table to hold all my cloth diaper goodies so I used an adjustable small table I already owned. You can use any small table or even a TV tray table.


I highly recommend a changing table with 3 cubbies like mine because everything you need is easy to get to. They start around $150 a good option would be the South Shore Changing Table ; a more expensive option would be the  Pottery Barn Sleigh Changing Table.


Also, I placed the Diaper pail and Diaper Genie right next to the changing table for easy quick access!


Let us know what tricks you use to organize your Cloth Diapers!



  1. I have a nice cubicle to have them easily available unfortunately it’s easy access for the baby to grab at and pull them all out.

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