Re-Play Recycled Children’s Tableware

Re-Play Recycled Children's Tableware

If you are looking for a greener option for your children’s tableware then you shoud check out Re-Play.  Re-Play produces children’s tableware made from recycled milk jugs here in the USA. Not only are Re-Play products eco-friendly but they are also sturdy and come in many colors! My boys just love choosing what color tableware they will be using and they have a lot of fun mixing them up!

Re-Play tableware is seriously tough, like survive a toddler throwing them on the floor for fun kinda of tough! You can see that they are a lot thicker and chunkier then most children’s tableware. The size and design of Re-Play products are perfect for any child. I love how deep the plates are so you have plenty of room for food, even for my older son. The deep walls are also great for my almost 2 year old feeding himself.

Re-Play Recycled Children's Tableware plates

Must-have Toddler products from Re-Play are the No Spill Cups and the Snack Stacks. Both No Spill Cups from Re-Play are great.  They fit easily into my little ones hands, are truly spill proof and are really easy to clean.  The Snack Stacks is just an awesome design for on-the-go because you can have 2 different snacks and your little one will love this fun design.  My almost 2 year old loves stacking them together and putting the lid on while he is snacking.  It entertains him and feeds him, AWESOME!


Some of the many features: 

  • Spoon has a deep scoop for children learning to use utensils
  • Fork has durable, rounded tips for your child’s safety
  • Drinking cups are sized just right for the thirstiest toddler and stackable for easy storage
  • Divided plate’s deep walls are perfect for little ones learning to feed themselves. Plus, the ample sections of this plate provide plenty of room for any mealtime combination
  • The bowls deep walls are perfect for snacks, soups and cereal.
  • Soft spout cup features a one piece easy clean spout


Re-Play Recycled Children's Tableware Set

Re-Play products are safe for your family and the planet!  All Re-Play products are BPA-free and made from recycled milk jugs that are FDA approved for Food Contact. The use of recycled plastic reduces greenhouse gases and saves energy.  Products are tested for safety and are dishwasher safe. 


You can purchase and see all 10 colors Re-Play offers by visiting their website HERE.

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  1. These are perfect for the kiddos since most children’s tableware are made of polycarbonate– not good for the health.

  2. Amber Ludwig says:

    Such a great product! I love the fun colors and kid friendly design!! Also love that they are made from recycled plastic 🙂 So great!

  3. I would love to try the no spill cups

  4. I like the assorted colors they come in and how durable they appear to be. They would be really nice to have when my grand kids are over too!

  5. It’s amazing that these can be made from milk jugs. This is really innovative and very ‘green’ 🙂 They must be durable because milk jugs themselves are pretty strong 🙂 Thank you for the review.

  6. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I love the how deep the plates are and the colors are really vibrant for everything.

  7. Vanessa says:

    It is always great to see products made from containers that would usually be thrown in the trash. However, I would be concerned about the colors. Even though they may be FDA approved they are still dangerous! Red 40 is known to contribute to ADHD symptoms in children. Not to mention that many of these dyes are banned in Europe. There was a lot of controversy involving Kraft foods and their Mac & Cheese. In the UK the products do not contain dyes and here they do. Great product, scary colors. If they would consider the natural dyes, they would be even better!

  8. i love the idea of the recycled products from milk containers. the cups and plates are so pretty and useful.

  9. I love how simple these look but all the different color choices- very clever. I want every single thing!!

    oh and my rafflecopter name is Courtney b

  10. Miriam Matheny says:

    I love the bright fun colors and the fact that they are recycled. I was introduced to this brand a few months ago and plan on buying it for my son to use when he moves beyond basic solids

  11. These are beautiful and awesome! Love it! What a great variety of colors too! I always feel better when things are made of recycled plastic. It’s tough to get away from the plastics, so recycled is definitely best. We offer similar recycled plastic toys in our kids category, including a cute tea party set. 🙂

  12. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says:

    I really like that these are made in the USA and made out of recycled milk jugs.

  13. I like the started set red

  14. This is a really cute set.

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