NEVER BUY LAUNDRY DETERENT AGAIN with EcoWasher Elite! Review and Giveaway!

EcoWasher ELITE Review

What if I said it’s possible to NEVER BUY LAUNDRY DETERGENT AGAIN! To good to be true, NO it is a reality with EcoWasher!  With EcoWasher oxidized COLD water will be your cleaning agent, no need for detergents, fabric softeners, or hot water.  Think of the money you will save!  The EcoWasher offers an eco-friendly and chemical free laundry at home, similar to the  large commercial size units used at many hospitals and hotels.  It is designed to work with your existing washing machine and is easy to install.  

I had the opportunity to receive an EcoWasher Elite for free to facilitate this review and I have been testing the EcoWasher Elite for 3 weeks.  I was very skeptic about no detergent washing, especially washing our cloth diapers.  I have to say I am very pleased with the results for our laundry and our cloth diapers.  We put it through some tough test with 3 little boys too.  I won’t go into too much detail here but there was a stomach bug going around during that 3 weeks, if you get my drift. YUCK!

The EcoWasher was very simple to install; it took my husband less than 15 minutes.  The hardest step was screwing two screws into a wall, with the screwdriver included, might I add.  We mounted the unit on the wall as instructed then had to turn off water and swap some hoses. Easy Peasy!  After that we just plugged it in and we were ready to go and wash without detergent for the first time.  

Hooked up EcoWasher

Getting super technical here, all the laundry washed with the EcoWasher Elite passed the Mommy and Daddy sight and smell test.  As you might assume, I do not have access to a laboratory with microscope and other scientific instruments to test the actual level of cleanliness achieved but there was no question to me and my husband that the laundry was clean.

A Few Tips for Stains and Cloth Diapers:

If you still feel you need to use a pre-treatment, we recommend soaking the diapers in white vinegar and hot water. For clothes we also recommend a 100% natural vinegar pre-treatment for tough stains like blood and grass (Again, white vinegar works great). For extra tough stains using the largest load setting and an extra rinse cycle should do the trick! The colder the water the longer ozone will last and it will also be stronger. We always recommend using the coldest setting and to never use a water saving cycle.

More About EcoWasher:
EcoWasher combines natures “super cleansing” molecules by producing an all natural and powerful oxidizer technically known as the Hydroxyl Radical (HR) molecule-also known as “Natures Detergent”. The EcoWasher® is fresh, powerful and will save more than $700 every year (according to EcoWasher website). This is based on how much you spend on detergent, bleach, and fabric softener; how much you’re able to save on your drying cycle; etc. 
I have not used EcoWasher long enough to see a difference in my energy bill but I am excited to compare my usage after a few months! 
EcoWasher has a lifespan of 10 years and is beneficial to your washing machine because there will be no gunk built up that detergents leave behind.  You may also save money by avoiding washing machine repairs!
Information from EcoWasher:
The Science Behind The Clean:

This powerful cleaning process has been proven to out clean laundry detergent due to the powerful oxidizing power of the cleansing molecule, Hydroxyl Radical. The Hydroxyl radical is known more commonly as natures detergent and is second on the world’s list of most powerful oxidizers known to man (The first one is toxic). EcoWasher will not only deep clean laundry but it disinfects and protects against germs and bacteria in fabrics unlike laundry detergent.

EcoWasher is for...

EcoWasher Benefits include:

  • Softer fabrics-The EcoWasher removes the toxic, gunky residue that laundry detergent leaves behind!
  • Fresh natural smelling laundry vs. A chemical synthetic fragrance!
  • Good for your septic tank by killing bad bacteria!
  • Good for the environment by providing extra oxygen into water supply and eliminating bulky plastic detergent bottles being dumped into landfills!
  • 100% Safe and BETTER for infants and those with sensitive skin such as psoriasis, MRSA, dry itchy skin, and for those with chemical sensitivities!
  • Good for breaking down left behind dirt and cleaning your washing machine without the use of any chemical cleaner!
  • Extends the life of clothes due to no chemicals deteriorating the fabrics!
  • Creates less hassle and last minute trips to the grocery store because there is no need to purchase any detergent or fabric softener!



  • ECOWASHER PRO Retails for $297- For homes with soft water. Our basic EcoWasher model that uses an oxidation process to create a hydroxy radical and create a 100% natural cleaning agent for your clothes!
  • ECOWASHER PRO PLUS Retails for $397- For homes with hard water. With advanced magnetic technology, the EcoWasher PRO PLUS softens your water to achieve the best clean for your clothes!
  • ECOWASHER Retails for ELITE $477- For homes with hard and soft water. The EcoWasher ELITE uses silver nano ions to create a germ shield for your clothes! 

EcoWasher ELITE Functions:

    • EcoWasher® Germ Shield Technology™- Advanced nanosiler ions create a powerful invisible shield that disinfects and protects your clothing! This antimicrobial agent works to kill and repel odor-causing bacteria, germs and viruses!
    • Sterilizes and disinfects
    • Deep cleans laundry with no use of detergent
    • Decontaminates and purifies
    • Conserves energy and protects the environment 
    • Adds no pollutants to the water
    • The EcoWasher® ELITE works automatically. After proper installation, simply operate your washing machine following the manufacturer’s opening instructions. The EcoWasher® ELITE will turn on automatically while water is flowing through it. *Note: Blue light will only appear while water is flowing through the unit.


I understand the price is a little high but remember it could possible save you $700 in the first year alone and has a lifespan of 10 years. Also, no more detergent, fabric softners, using hot water (conserving energy), and NO MORE Chemicals!  EcoWasher does offer a 30 day trial if you really want to see if it is worth the investment.  I highly recommend anyone to try EcoWasher and be able to tell others they will never buy laundry detergent again!

ecowasher logo

Risk Free 30 Day Trial
Become a Believer. Experience the EcoWasher® RISK FREE on us for 30 Days. Don’t like it? Don’t keep it. 100% Money back guarantee.
You can learn more about EcoWasher and purchase an EcoWasher Elite on their website HERE!

You can Connect with EcoWasher on Facebook and Twitter.


Enter to win!

Win 1 EcoWasher ELITE, a $477 Value!

This giveaway is open to US residents, 18+ only. The giveaway will end at 11:59 pm CST on 02/07/2015. 

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  1. I would love the opportunity to use the EcoWasher Elite. After reading your review on this it sounds like a miracle worker. Most importantly it disinfects and protects your clothing which means it protects your family. I can’t help but mention the money saving benefit but I what I really love is keeping those nasty germs away from my family.

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    You know I was a huge skeptic before your review, and even though I am still somewhat skeptical, I am willing to test them out if given the opportunity hint hint haha! Love the review! I was relieved about the poo and blood stuff. I wondered that myself and almost commented/asked about it in the giveaway section! hehe 🙂

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  36. My cloth diapers say not to use vinegar on them. Did you use anything else?

    • Andrea, this was the tips from EcoWasher. I have never used vinegar for my diapers. I actually use Rockin’ Green Soap Funk Rock as a pretreatment when needed.

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