Natural & Organic in the New Year

Natural & Organic in the New Year

Here’s to a more natural and organic New Year! Good for you, if you are making a New Year’s Resolution to be more Natural or Green! I believe the most important step in being green is to start by focusing on what you put in and on your body. So if you were to choose one way to start being more natural/green, I would suggest you start reading labels and be more informed about your food and products in your home.

Here is my list of ways to Start Being More Natural and Organic. I suggest you do one area at time and add another one later.

1. Buy foods from local farmers markets or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs.

-Find your local Farmers Market Here.
-Find a local CSA(Organic only) program:
You will know where your food comes from and support your local community.

2. When you’re shopping at the store buy Organic and Non-GMO foods. Also, grass-feed/ organic meats.

Check out my tips: Shopping for Organic and Non-GMO products.

3. Greener body care products.

-Soaps, shampoos, lotions, deodorant….
I do purchase a lot of my body care products but there are tons of DIY recipes. I love checking Pinterest for recipes.

Products I use: The Honest Company, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Need, Jason Natural

4. Greener cleaning with home-made or Eco-friendly cleaning products.

-Laundry, dishes, general cleaning: all-purpose, windows, restrooms….
-Homemade cleaners mostly need: baking soda, vinegar, essential oils. Check out my DIY Cleaners Pinterest Board for more ideas.

Products: Woolzies, Wool Dryer Ball, The Honest Company, epic, Pangea….

5. Greener beauty/female products.

-Makeup, lotions, facial cleaners, moisturizers, feminine products (mama cloth, cups)…

Products: Erth Mineral Makeup, Pretty Mommies, Miessence, Pink Lemonade Shop, DivaCup ….


I hope this gives you some ideas of were to start! Good Luck and if anything I hope you become more informed of the chemicals and ingredients you are using for your family and in your home.


If you want to get real serious about getting Natural & Organic then check out this book some of my “Green Mom” blogger friends have written: 31 Days To Detoxify Your Life

 In “31 Days to Detoxify Your Life” you’ll learn to identify the toxins in your life and find ways to eliminate them for good. This do-it-yourself ebook is broken down into 4 major sections: Detoxify Your Food, Detoxify Your Home, Detoxify Your Personal Care, and Detoxify Your Medicine Cabinet. 

Go Here for more information and to buy.

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  1. I know that it is hard to get a hold of organic produce in certain areas of the US. But ordering organic food online is an option anywhere- hopefully that can help someone keep their resolution!

  2. Has anyone heard of Mommy’s Club products? They are All Natural & TOXIC FREE. I never knew there was a difference between non-Toxic and Toxic Free…WOW!! There is a ton of information on this website.

  3. There is an online store called Modere that has everyday items that are safe with no harsh chemicals. There is a $25 off with coupon code 321369. I use to get most of my stuff at Whole Foods but I love the stuff this store carries.

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