DIY Just Married Celebration Banner

DIY Country Wedding Decorations

My sister recently had herself a little Country Themed Wedding!  Her and her best friend, Sharon (crafty lady), made several DIY decorations.  I will be doing a series on all the decorations they made. 1-2 a week for the next 4 weeks!

First decoration featured is the Just Married banner!


Supplies you will need:243
Desired colors of:
1 yard of burlap
1 yard of tulle fabric (tutu like material, we used blue)
1 yard of tan fabric
Hot glue gun and sticks
Some twine strand or yarn

Step 1: Cut twine strand out to desired length. Cut 10 inch (or desired measurement) strips of fabric to tie around twine.
Step 2: Cut squares or desired shape (rectangles, triangles) of burlap for letters. You will hot glue onto twine after painted and dried.
Step 3: Paint letters onto burlap. She free handed this one but you can use stencils.
Step 4: Attach tan and tulle fabric to twine strand with a simple tie. Hot glue burlap squares with letters onto twine strand.

DIY burlap Wedding Banner

So easy to have your very own homemade banner! You can use this idea for any celebration: Happy Birthday, Baby Shower, Congratulations….


  1. So clever to use burlap!

  2. NICE! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Jamie Knup says:

    I love this! pinning it, what an awesome idea!

  4. This is so simple and beautiful!

  5. I’m not a crafty person (though I wish I was) but this is so cute and looks easy enough for even me to do it. Thanks for sharing, I will have to remember this for my kids’ birthday parties

  6. The tutu-like fabric is called tulle. Toile fabric is something different altogether!

    • Thanks Miss Greta. Wouldn’t want people buying the wrong stuff. Easy fix, I just edited post! Thanks for letting me know!

  7. Mary Schuh says:

    Wow. I went to a friend’s wedding yesterday, and she had these exact same colors as her wedding colors. Crazy! She even had the teal colored vases and she used these huge, mason jar looking things for the punch. Love these neat wedding ideas!

  8. This is so cute!

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