DIY Ring Bearer Pillow ~ Cheap & Easy

DIY Ring Bearer Pillow

Next DIY Project Featured from my sister’s little Country Wedding is the Ring Bearer Pillow.  This was made very easily and for about $5 by my sister’s best friend, Sharon!DIY Ring Bear Pillow

Desired color fabric
Burlap ribbon with wire
Color craft ribbon
Hot glue gun
Cotton Stuffing
Sewing machine
Flowers and/or ribbon bow

Directions:Burlap Flower
1. Cut out 2 squares to the desired size you would like your pillow to be.
2. Sew all edges shut except a small opening so you can turn ride side out.
3.Fill with cotton stuffing through small opening.
4. Sew the small hole shut.
5.Hot glue the burlap ribbon down I used the one with wire so it would help the pillow keep it’s shape.
6. Center and hot glue colored ribbon on top of burlap ribbon.
7. Hot glue on flowers and/or bows on top.
*I got my burlap flower and scrap book flower from hobby lobby because this was a last minute DIY wedding project.
You can u tube how to make burlap flowers/Rosettes instead of buying them.

DIY Ring Bearer Pillow


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  1. Very cute!!

  2. Amber Ludwig says:

    This is so cute and easy!! My son will be a ring bearer in a laid back wedding in August! I will show the bride this idea for the pillow 🙂

  3. that came out so cute! I make pillow and fabric flowers. I’ve often thought that I could make a ring bearer pillow if I knew someone who wanted one. It looks fun to do!

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